Happy 2 Years, WordPress!


This is the only notification I had today and it was all worth it!

Anyway, some celebate, este celebrate their “bloggerversary” in their own creative shenanigans but with mine, I don’t really know how to start if off. I think, I will just write a little bit of of my blogging history.

Did I just say, A LITTLE BIT? *crosses fingers*

For it to be read easier and better (I guess, I’ll just put it into questions – which is what I usually do)

  1. When did you start blogging?  I started blogging when I was 12 (6th grade – 2002). It was the era of miRC, Neopets and Geocities. Everyone was crazy over these websites in which we considered our social media before (aside from playing Counter Strike – which was very violently social I suppose).
  2. What made you interested in blogging? Well, since most of my batch mates and higher batch mates were “into it”, I wanted to try. It was too cute for me because you design your own website. I got too familiar actually with all the HTML and CSS encoding (didn’t know why I took up HR since I was so fond of codes). Another thing which made me interested me is since I like writing in my own diary, I think it suits the lazy me to do it online – faster, easier, cooler! Lels
  3. Who were your inspirations when you were just starting? We had this higher batch mate who was really good in making layouts and updating her blogs, her name is Eibee Bautista (y’know with all the cursor designs and all – too pretty) we have the same name actually since her first name is really Angelica. I guess she stopped blogging but I’m hoping otherwise since she’s very good in writing and designing!
  4. What were your websites/blogsites? Actually, I think some of them cannot be accessed anymore since they’re really too old. I’ll try to remember as much as possible (especially the jeje names I have used):
  5. Did you have any difficulties blogging? Yes! Very. It was very hard at first because every post was self-centered (forgive me for it was my teenage self), and there were a lot of challenges after that. I remember blogging about people that turned out or assumed by other people that they were the ones me and my friends were talking about. It had an upsetting result with some of my batch mates. It was months before high school graduation and I felt I was Cady in Mean Girls.  The thing where they all stare at you as if you killed someone yadda yadda. But everything’s good now. Dude, we were what, 17-year-olds back then and we were sensitive in any kind of way.
  6. With the gap of years or months in blogging, what is the reason why you stopped blogging? Being busy I guess or basically, I did not have the right momentum to write. There are just days when you feel like not updating or writing.
  7. What made you come back? More idle time, of course!
  8. What keeps you writing? It all boils down to three reasons: My readers, feelings and other writers. My readers because whenever they give a little time to read what I write (make them react positively or negatively) it makes my heart so happy that somehow, someone appreciates my writing. My feelings because it’s really the foundation. And other writers because I enjoy reading their blogs and some posts inspire me to write more :)
  9. What do you think makes your blog different from others? My blog is rude, nude?, transparent, witty/comedic and ARROGANT because of what I just said. Hahaha!
  10. What’s the most favorite topic you like writing about? Can I say two topics? Hehe. Religion and Politics! Lels
  11. Why WordPress? The WordPress community is full of authentic, genuine and fun writers! Friendly too! :)

Even though I’ve only been in WordPress for 2 great fucking years, I want to thank all of the bloggers who have inspired me to write, you know who you are. Thank you for sharing your experiences and stories that never fail to make me smile or realize something. Thank you to the bloggers who I’ve made friends with – still want to make friends for the years to come! Thanks also for spending your time reading my entries even when you really have to go and take a shit or about to have an orgasm. Thank you, thank you!

To the blogs that I follow – I swear to God I read each of your posts, not everyday but I always make time for it cause y’all worth it!

To my followers – feeling influential blogger of the year, thank you for reading my entries instead of washing the dishes!

THANK YOU! Char – again, feeling influential blogger of the year

CHEERS! Here’s a photo of me to celebrate!


Sorry, coffee nalang. Wala na akong mahanap na beer hawak ko. GGSS


27 thoughts on “Happy 2 Years, WordPress!

  1. “To my followers – feeling influential blogger of the year,”
    Wow Unj. Grabe, ang dami mo palang blog accts. :) Pero maganda nga naman rito sa WP. And I’m happy na I came across your blog. ;)
    Happy 2 years sa WP world! :)
    *party poppers popping*

    Liked by 1 person

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