Ask The Walrus

Since it’s my 2nd Year Bloggerversary, and this is the lamest thing I have thought of to celebrate it… Wow.


I am game for questions. Comment below to pop your questions! (not your cherry)

Bored lang eh noh?

I am ready to answer anything under the sun! :)

And I’m really expecting people to be interested in me? Oh, the conceitedness!


14 thoughts on “Ask The Walrus

      1. Heeey! I went to YouTube and listened with lyrics on screen, although Moments was the only one I’m not familiar to. I’m a Rob Thomas kind of guy just so you know. I wanna cry for some reasons, it made me feel like I know you somehow. It was an experience. :)

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      2. Hehe it’s okay Felbs. I really appreciate the question and your time. :) really?? Wow that’s great to hear but why do you want to cry? :(

        Aww maybe we were friends during our past lives! Haha :)

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