Hallondas 2015

Sobrang pilit lang ng title ko eh noh?

Anyway, this is just a summary of my whole spooky weekend. Wasn’t that spooky though BUT! I really had a good time :) And I missed these people!

It started with our Halloween event here in our office. We actually repacked the toys Monday morning and then made the graham balls Thursday afternoon. Thanks to Arjoy for initiating and putting effort for the Halloween ideas! :)

The Halloween event is also a participation in giving unlimited benevolence to Kythe Foundation :)

Graham Balls
Graham Balls
The toys
The toys
Finished product
Finished product
Our table haha
Our table haha
Arjoy, Shie, Cy, Yours Truly, Rae (minus Sir Kim)
Arjoy, Shie, Cy, Yours Truly, Rae (minus Sir Kim)
Di masyado nakakatakot haha
Di masyado nakakatakot haha
Ito pwede pa
Ito pwede pa

Singit ko lang itong photo na ito kasi last day ni Chunick (OJT) nung 21st haha. We’ll miss you Chunick! He and Cy have the same birthday so they treated us with the best food in the world, PIZZA!!!! Yaay! Thank you!!

Singit ko lang itong photo na ito kasi last day ni Chunick (OJT) nung 21st haha. We'll miss you Chunick!
Chunick, Arjoy, Yours Truly, Nancy, Shie and Sir Kim

Friday was also my Babe Sofie’s civil wedding. I was not able to attend because someone filed a leave already on that day. :( Nonetheless, I sent her a message.

Talagang screenshots para humaba ang blog entry ko na ito.





And here’s a photo I stole from her Instagram:

KAKAKILIG TO THE TESTICLES kung meron lang ako, char

Saturday morning, I just ate all the cookies I could because I’m not really into that drowning-yourself-in-candy during Halloween. So I had these + KUWTK:


Come Saturday night, me and my mom headed to Manila Memorial to visit Ninong’s dad and lola, Angel’s cousin and then Ninang’s first undas actually. I really did not take photos because all we did was chikahan, played chess, cards, etc. Oh, also eat! How could I forget that?! Hahaha! Anyways, it was such a good feeling seeing all of them after a month, I think? The last time I was with them was when we went to Manaoag. I also had a few moments talking to Angel, Duday and Jayson regarding my dramatic bearings for the past days, and seeing them made every dark feeling gone. :)

I took a photo of Ninang’s tombstone:

I miss you so much :(


Ninong brought his iPad and speaker so we watched videos and photos of her, plus her photos during her last days in the hospital. I still cannot believe it. I know it’s been 7 months already but why do I feel like she’s still alive? We were flooded in tears. Hayyyy

Sunday morning, we headed to Holy Gardens in Angono, Rizal. Alessandra had all the fun since I think it was her first time stepping barefoot on the grass (too bad of a mother, right? Haha!) All I did was chase her and people kept laughing. Tons of fun. I don’t get three whole days spending time with her.

After, we headed to Tanay, Rizal. That’s where we stayed and enjoyed the rest of the vacation.

Making the volleyball-ball a soccer ball
Making the volleyball-ball a soccer ball
Playing pogs with kuya Joshua and kuya Christian
Playing pogs with kuya Joshua and kuya Christian
My favorite breakfast!!!!
My favorite breakfast!!!!

And then had nilaga for lunch and more more cookies during the night! Haha

Guess who!

Guess who


Hahahaha! It’s just me! Corny haha

Riding in tandem:

Anong ganap? Feeling rider
Anong ganap? Feeling rider. Laki lang ng pata ko.

Haha that’s all I have to share, have to go back to reality now. :)

How was your Halloween weekend? :)


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      1. Can I not answer that? Hahaha. Just around Alabang :) I’ve read in your blog that you also lived in Alabang. I didn’t study in Zobel though, but I have a number of friends who (drinked) studied their way in Benilde too.

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