Talk Shows on Mute

Currently thinking of what I want to share and then suddenly I thought of, ‘Why not share all the current things I’m doing, feeling or anything that interests me?’ Asifyoucare. Lels.


Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children: I don’t know why I still haven’t finished this. I bought this 6 months ago! Hahaha. Sharing a screenshot of a part where this book melted my heart.

Effect lang yung kamay ko and elephant ring kasi nilagay ko ito sa Instagram haha
Effect lang yung kamay ko and elephant ring kasi nilagay ko ito sa Instagram haha. Pasensya na sa mabalbon kong kamay. Haha

Moments by Tove Lo: If you really know me, you’ll get why I can relate to this song so much! If you don’t know me, then listen to the song. Haha. The video is awesome too! But I guess I am not capable of doing the part in the church where…


TV Series

How To Get Away With Murder: While waiting for Game of Thrones’ Season 6, I deserve a good tricky, violent and twisting series. How can you not say no to Frank? Like he’s bod and all! Gosh! Anyway, enough of such hormones. Last night’s episode gave me a heart attack!!!



Love, Rosie: Yes, I just watched this the other night and I know, I know, I’m late as fuck but the good thing about watching the movie late is it was all worth the wait. Char. I really cried. Maybe because I see myself in Rosie, like same story (well not exactly) but… It’s hard to explain. Haha. I’m currently downloading Me and Earl and the Dying Girl. Any reviews on this, guys? Here’s a photo of my favorite part in Love, Rosie:

Ito pa talaga noh? Hahaha!
Ito pa talaga noh? Hahaha!

Kendall Jenner: If you’re going to let me rank the Kardashians, it would be Kourtney – Kendall – Khloe – Kim – Kylie. I love Kourtney because she’s so lax and waxed (lol), funny and straightforward. I dislike Kylie because that’s just the way it is!

Is is true that she’s part of the VSFS2015?! I saw a list (not sure if it’s accurate) but with all of the Angels that will be present… Wait! Thanks to Perez Hilton!


Oreo Strawberry Cream: I eat it everyday. After breakfast, lunch, dinner or just whenever I feel I need to. Haha! The best gift for my birthday would be two balikbayan boxes of these! Hahaha!


Patience: All I can say is that I’m getting there. The past days have been really a test for me and I think that’s what I needed.


Yoko Ono design from Artwork: When I open my closet, what I basically want to happen is to find shirts with logos or photos of my favorite bands… But I did not expect I could find such simple but rocking bags I can use for work, out of town, etc. Check these out!

What I'm currently using for work
What I’m currently using for work
What I use for out of town
What I use for out of town
What I use when I just feel like using it
What I use when I just feel like using it. Dumi lang ng wallpaper namin. Sorry na.

Happy Skin – Shut Up and Kiss Me, My First Time: As of what I always mention, I’m really not into make-up but I think I hate it when my lips look pale. So thanks to this red lippie to keep the groove going! Haha.


Constipated: I wanna go home. And then drink beer with my friends.


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