What Do You Mean?

What Do You Mean is the title because we kept singing it the whole night. Well, mostly.

And I would also like to call this Part 9.

Why Part 9? It’s because we’ve been doing this for 9 years! I remember the first night during 2006 when… Of course, I am not going to narrate it. Hahaha. Click here to see what happened last year – but you could do that later ;)

Well, fine. Just to give you the basics. The people you’ll be seeing in the photos below, I’ve known them for 9 years. We had this group we call, “Justice Friends” during junior year. Everyone mostly lived in BF that’s why we almost make plans every week/month since we’re just neighbors. I don’t really have legit neighbors as friends. The “Justice Friends” usually live villages apart.

But that was 2006.

We’ve made so much memories that some I cannot disclose (not that explicit) but you know, drunk teenagers. Yeahhhhh. So anyway, Justice Friends is a group made of me, Luigi, Robbie, Pat, Lauren, Isko, Jerome, Dane, Ginets, Amps, Kyle, Carl, Micmac, Carissa, Mara. Though some of them were not really a part anymore as the years gone by because some were busy. Take for example, we don’t see Ginets anymore. Last time I saw him was during college, smoking with long hair. Amps? I think he’s busy with corporate and girlfriend life. Kyle has not been that active but we get to talk once in a while, (I even saw him once walking along the main street in our town). Carl is busy with corporate and girlfriend life as well. Micmac (well, we hung out with him once and then that was it, he’s engaged now btw). Carissa is in the US and Mara, busy with school life though Mara and I also belong in another group of friends in high school. So, there.

Robbie was not present last Saturday because he’s in Kobe. Lauren had to sleep early because she has work, as we describe it, ‘lola vibes.’ Pat is in the US, as well as Dane, serving their goals. Jerome actually visited Manila last month though I was not able to hang out with him since I forgot why; he flew back to Australia to work with the kangaroos. So basically, out of all, only the three of us were present. Of course, the birthday boy should be.

Plus, the people that you will see below are not only my high school friends. They are Luigi’s neighbors + Luigi’s neighbors’ high school friends (also my neighbors, I mean village-neighbors such thing?) = get my drift? So basically, we were counted as one group. I really do hope you get the picture.

What? Luigi’s birthday

Where? At his house

When? November 7 – November 8 (his birthday is really November 8)

I actually had work last Saturday. I went home to eat dinner (and asked myself why did I even eat dinner if I’m going to eat at Luigi’s as well – always excited with the nachos that they make!), freshened up a bit then yes, walked through my way to his house (good thing it wasn’t that hot – only I am). So when I arrived there, yes, I ate. Then good thing Isko was eating as well. Why am I so detailed? 

Anyway, let’s make this quick because as a writer, I don’t really wanna bore you *insert and play Knocks Me Off My Feet by Stevie Wonder* and I know you’re not that quite interested about my friends since you don’t know them (but you don’t know me as well).

So yes, of course, couple of beers and tons of guitar playing and singing (good thing Isko brought his cajon). Again, they are one of my favorite group of friends because I am really who I am when I’m with them. Not that I am not with others, but the drinking, singing – guitar vibe. Hope you get me. That’s what I really or always feel like doing when I want to spend time with friends. The answers.

The jamming was perfect. From Red Hot Chili Peppers, Incubus, John Mayer, Hale, My Chemical Romance, Jason Mraz and almost any good band you’d hear when we were growing up – brings so much good memories!!! We also had mature conversations about work, living the life, goals and settling down. The conversation that strike me most was when Isko told me, “Grabe Anje noh? Parang nine years ago hindi tayo ganito. Akalain mo aabot tayo sa chill lang? Yung hindi maghahanap ng basagan or kahit ano. Dati grabe. Higa dito, suka dun, takbo dito. Haha sobrang basagan. Taena ngayon hindi na natin hinahanap yun.” 

Which is actually true. I guess, when you start drinking early you suddenly get the feeling of, “I just want a cup of coffee”, or “Guys, can we just like have two bottles of beer then pizza, and we’re good”, or “Guys, I have to leave early because I have work tomorrow.”

I never expected we’d come to this kind of era where all we wanted was to sit down, talk and have a few beers – yes, not hungry for vodka, scotch and brandy. Nine years ago? We were not like this, I shit you not. We always wanted to vomit, run in the streets, and really drown ourselves with booze.

(L to R): Donna, Kuks, Migs, Aaron, Lala, Carla, so little me, Isko, Jag, Duy, Melvs, Carms
(L to R): Donna, Kuks, Migs (jabar haha), Aaron, Lala, Carla, so little me, Isko, Jag, Duy, Melvs, Carms, Donn (we call him Boss), Joyce and Val *** Superkaduper right (standing): Is the birthday boy with his lovely girl, Anri

Photos uploaded in social media were very sweet for me because they captioned it as, “Family’ or ‘La Familia’ – glad to be part of this group! :)

Buzzed moments/conversations:

Isko: Anje, uwi na tayo ng 2 ah.

Me: Sige

Carla: What? Drop na kita Anje. Mga 3. You don’t trust me? I can drive pa.

*after 30 mins*

Me: Nasaan si Carla?

Ayun, bagsak sya sa couch. She can drop me pala ah? Siya yung dropped. Literally, dropped sa couch.

And then Val arrived drunk already, (actually) so he was just sitting across and then leaning on the table.

*table strongly moves and bottles fall*

Us: Uy Val, okay ka lang?

Ayun. Umuwi.

See? Yun lang ang mga basag moments. Tapos wala na. Corny na noh? Hindi na tulad nung teenagers pa kami ang daming nangyayari. Hahaha.

Here are some photos para hindi na corny. Haha (pasensya na sa pixels and all)

Lala, Carla and Yours Truly
Lala, Carla and Yours Truly
with Aaron and Isko
with Aaron and Isko
Minues Lala and Aaron (ito malabo talaga)
Minus Lala and Aaron (ito malabo talaga)
Medj cute
Medj cute

Photos from Luigi and Carla

Oh btw, when you read the post last year, I mentioned there that I went home around 5 am.

Yeah, same time last Saturday.



9 thoughts on “What Do You Mean?

  1. Finished my Punjetry marathon! Haha. You’ve been giving chances to my posts lately so I felt like doing a courtesy, and it was worth the read. Had fun! I started from the one I was mentioned (just read it today, I previously liked it because I saw my name in it. Lol.) Thanks for being nice too! Keep writing. :)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my gosh my heart just crushed in a good way! :) Thank you Felbs for the time! I really appreciate it! :) Hahaha it’s fine, you’re obliged to like it! Hahaha. You are nicer haha. Likewise! :)


  2. I actually hate the Beebs but that song has been growing on me. His recent work has been pretty good. His track with Diplo speaks to me. I think I need to turn in my rocker (well sorta rocker) membership card soon.

    Looks like you had fun there. Good times.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I liked him before and then when he went through his dark times, kinda turned me off but now, he’s resurrected… I’m liking him again. Hihihi. Hahaha that’s cute! Yup! I needed to relax. Too sad there’s no pool. Swimming also relaxes me. Thanks for dropping by kuya Hinugot sa Aking Tadyang! Char.

      Liked by 1 person

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