The title is “music” in Albanian because I just need a “creative” title.

Since it’s a holiday… But I’m at work and there’s nothing much that I can do…

Somewhat a “throwback thursday” as well.

I would just like to share my first love, music.

I mean, who doesn’t love music? Anyone that raises their hand, I’m gonna hang you headfirst, burn your face for 30 seconds, throw tissue around your lover’s garden and steal your lover – well basically I will make you suffer. But of course, my name is Angelica and angels don’t do that. :D

Apparently, we love music because it keeps us alive and inanimate. It lets us feel the polarity inside us against the world.

So why am I writing about music? There are no festivals or “Music Month” that’s being celebrated. It just came out of my mind that I have to write about it.


At an early age, I think every kid is already influenced with music. Moreover, even when we were inside our mommy’s tummy. Your interest in music will definitely change as you grow up because it depends on your environment. Let me give you a glimpse of my environment:

I grew up being the youngest daughter but the 5th of 6 siblings. I was born in 1990. My eldest brother was born in 1978, then my sisters were 1980, 1981 then 1983. If there would be a great influence, I’d say my siblings. BUT! Let’s not forget my parentals. Aside from teaching me to sing, act and dance and to have a vast knowledge with technology, they did not forget to share me their favorite music influences as well. Bottomline, I will give you my top ‘N’ because I’m not sure until what number I’ll be having – especially when you talk about phenomenal music. Everything here pours right from the heart.

Let’s do it in chronological-I’ll-really-try-order: ALL OF MY FAVORITES!

  1. The BeatlesBEATLES-IN-MONO-The-Beatles-Thomson-House-London-Jul-28-1968-©-Apple-Corps-Ltd-copy
  2. The Rolling Stonesstones-624-1381341116
  3. Michael JacksonThe-Legacy-The-Music-of-Michael-Jackson
  4. Led ZeppelinPhoto of LED ZEPPELIN
  5. Metallicametallica-metallica-32634505-1002-790
  6. Nirvana1993photo
  7. Pink Floydfloyd-624-1371495488
  8. Queenqueen-by-mick-rock
  9. Guns N’ Roses5b9416257e75f5c323f55b2da1eda310_large
  10. Iron Maidentumblr_nxypnvIntg1ulebmfo1_1280
  11. Black SabbathBlack Sabbath File Photos
  12. Red Hot Chili PeppersRHCP7
  13. Stevie WonderARP2511392
  14. U2u2-official-photo
  15. TLCTLC-music-ms01
  16. Alanis Morisettealanis300px
  17. Mariah Carey81
  18. RadioheadRadioheadOkComputerEra02PR130612
  19. The Cranberriescranberries
  20. Greendayscreen-shot-2014-12-07-at-12-31-50-pm
  21. Eraserheadseraserheads-4
  22. Rivermayarm15
  23. Southbordertumblr_nke62vpXWZ1qziz5vo1_500
  24. Side A
  25. The Corrs rsz_corrs
  26. Garbagegarbage_wide-8b2d7cc99c7a1520d051b4618722614e8f0575c9-s6-c10
  27. Kylie Minogue9c82a582
  28. Jennifer Lopezjennifer-lopez-dot-com
  29. Tupactupac-black-and-white
  30. LL Cool Jll-cool-j-mama-said-knock-you-out
  31. Freestyle Jinky_Vidal_of_FREESTYLE_with_Side_A_Band_Medium_Small-ConvertImage
  32. Toni BraxtonToni-Braxton-Will-Headline-Jazz-in-the-Gardens-FDRMX
  33. En Vogue en-vogue-getty-billboard-650
  34. R. Kellyr-kelly-black-panties-11
  35. Backstreet BoysBackstreet-Boys-3
  37. Bamboo bamboo-7
  38. Five5ive-boy-band-2005
  39. LFOlfo
  40. S Club 7JS62978705
  41. Code Redenhanced-buzz-14828-1334156740-59-ConvertImage
  42. Oasisoasis-2
  43. The Smashing PumpkinsSmashing-Pumpkins
  44. Rage Against the
  45. R.E.M.rem6241
  46. Gin BlossomsMI0001340131
  47. Blink 182tumblr_mhbx0i4QCZ1remkvao1_500
  48. Third Eye Blindthird-eye-blind-feat
  49. IncubusINCUBUS-BLACK-N-WHITE-1jpg
  50. Beastie Boys1987_beastie_boys_on_steps_015BW672_l
  51. Daft Punksaskia-de-brauw-daft-punk-by-peter-lindbergh-for-m-le-monde-december-2013-9
  52. Coldplayc4027039-c87a-4a72-ad66-d2a69fe3761c-620x372
  53. Live1024px-LIVE_band-ConvertImage
  54. The CallingThe-Calling-band-sb07-ConvertImage
  55. Goo Goo DollsGOO-GOO-DOLLS_1382949a
  56. HoleHole_by_Ellen_Von_Unwerth_1994_Live_Through_This_promo_kit
  57. Spice Girlsspicegirls
  58. Limp Bizkitrock-the-lahn_2015-limp-bizkit
  59. AC/DCac-dc-16254
  60. Justin Timberlake20130417-justin-timberlake-black-white
  61. Britney Spears17946-britney-spears-portrait-in-black-and-white-celebrity-desktop-wallpaper-1920x1200
  62. Mandy MooreMandy-mandy-moore-6840989-1600-1200
  63. Christina Aguilera Christina-Aguilera02-FDRMX
  64. EminemEminem-Will-Be-Featured-on-LL-Cool-Js-New-Album-News-FDRMX
  65. Twistatwista2
  66. NellyNelly-100K-Page-Image
  67. AshantiAshanti-killa-ashanti-37075551-1440-900
  68. Usherusher-new-album-r-vs-r
  69. Bone Thugs N’ Harmonybonethugs_0
  70. The Hansonshanson
  71. The MoffatsThe_Moffatts_2012-ConvertImage (1)
  72. Black Eyed Peasblack-eyed-peas-band
  73. Fall Out Boy720x405-Columns_0048_v3
  74. Artic Monkeysmusic-arctic-monkeys-press-shot
  75. Musemuse3
  76. Ne-yo ne-yo-compound-ent
  77. Taking Back Sundaytakingbacksunday-2001
  78. Panic! At The Discopanic-disco--large-msg-115784968846
  79. Thirty Seconds to Mars30sec to mars 01_905
  80. Parokya ni EdgarPAROKYA-ni-EDGAR
  81. Mojoflybdbf9637
  82. Moonstar 88moonstar88-fifteen-years-of-living-music-810x410
  83. Drake Drake
  84. HaleHale-1024x682
  85. NickelbackNickelback
  86. Paramoreparamore
  87. Michelle Branch79b9021af6aad95a79d1b798ae061a1aea17303f
  88. Sara Bareillesdb1838a2691cefe4e5a2fdfba21e85df.640x549x1
  89. Vanessa Carlton 
  90. Justin Bieber Justin-Bieber-Fronts-The-July-August-2015-Of-LUomo-Vogue-By-Francesco-Carrozzini3
  91. Silent Sanctuarysilent-sanctuary-band-LIF12 (1)
  92. Up Dharma DownUp-Dharma-Down-band
  93. Sugarfreetumblr_lgt4woRxUK1qdk87wo1_500
  94. Kjwantumblr_m18wifAaVw1qaohbeo1_500
  95. Stonefreestonefree
  96. Tove Lo TOVE-LO4-658x350
  97. Troye Sivan tumblr_nhhnojE4Q31qaw0cqo4_1280
  98. Ed Sheeran 9997382
  99. Kanye West kanyewest
  100. Haim haim-52e02efd32d16

Top 100 already so I think I have to stop. You’ve been scrolling too long. Teehee

Any artist that you can relate to? Who are your music influences? :)

Photos from Google

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