Twenty Sixteena Aguilera

Hi, I’m back.

I MISSED YOU BLOGSPOT! Ay, charaught. WordPress pala ito. Ang tagal ko kasing nawala. Parang mga blog ko lang sa Blogspot dati. Hahaha.

Let’s switch now to english.

The funny thing is, it’s been exactly 1 month after my last entry. Well, the challenging part of making this post is:

  1. I have to welcome 2016 with some pabebe message
  2. This entry should be THAT interesting because I have to summarize the reason for not going through WordPress for one month
  3. I have to post photos to recap events
  4. I have to entice you with my writing

No, I am not doing those.

Yes, I will welcome 2016 but not as much as I want to summarize everything. The photos will be uploaded soon. If not, you can just follow me on Instagram. So imma quit fucking around. I am still in a lazy mood to insert photos BUT of course, I will write.

Welcoming 2016

The title of this paragraph should be, “Ending 2015” – for it to be more dramatic. Something great really happened that led me to realizing ALATTA things. I will be further discussing such “ALATTA things” as soon as I’m not that busy anymore.

‘Til my next post! :)

(nagpapansin lang talaga ako para malaman niyong buhay pa ako, okay?)

How are you? :)





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