A-Z Survey

This is not Friendster. I know this was the usual activity before in Friendster: answering surveys.

People of our generation get bored easily. So what do you do when you have a writer’s block and haven’t thought about sleeping yet?

You answer a survey.

Very well then Potter, let’s start

Got this from gerrytology.wordpress.com

A — Age: 25

B – Biggest Fear: Snakes

C ­– Current Time: 12:36 AM

D – Drink You Had Last: A frappe from a very mainstream coffee shop.

E – Easiest Person To Talk To: My best friend, Red. Especially whenever I feel blue. (Get the pun?)

F – Favorite Song: Roses by The Chainsmokers ft. Rozes. This song really puts me in a good mood! I think this song is dedicated to Rosanna Roces. One of the boldstars in my country.

G – Grossest Memory: When I took a shit when me and my cousins were hiking. I let one of my cousins get 2-3 leaves to wipe it off my ass. Sorry to be a bitch but I just can’t do it. It was so disgusting because I am very particular and finicky when it comes to restrooms but this shitty moment really upgraded my boiling point. #shitgoals #blessed

H – Hometown: I was born in Metro Manila. Grew up in Parañaque. The SM City.

I – In Love With: Troye Sivan, Joem Bascon, Alex Pettyfer and Wagner Moura

J – Jealous Of: Of whoever Nick Jonas is dating

K – Kindest Person You Know: You are reading her blog right now.

L – Longest Relationship You Had: 2 and a half years. My first boyfriend. I was 14, he was 12. Hahahaha good lord.

M – Middle Name: Ternate

N – Number of Siblings: I have five. 5th of 6. Eldest and youngest are both boys.

O – One Wish: To have more chances of wishing.

P – Person You Spoke On The Phone Last: Cy

Q – Question You’re Always Asked: “Saan ka?”

R – Reason To Smile: Alessandra :)

S – Song You Last Sang:  Happy Little Pill by Troye Sivan

T – Time You Woke Up: 8:03 AM

U- Underwear Color:  Sexy black.

V – Vacation Destination: I’ve been planning El Nido with friends but I think it won’t push through. I think the next vacation I’ll be having is in Tanay, Rizal with my best friends. :)

W – Worst Habit: Drinking coffee without eating any breakfast yet

X – X-rays You’ve Had: Lungs. A requirement.

Y – Your Favorite Food: Potatoes potaetas patatas!

Z – Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius 🎠


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