Movie Dick: Volume I

I’m sorry how corny the title is. I just have to live up with the title of my site. ;)

Anyway, I’m not going to do a very detailed and formal movie review. I’m just going to share my thoughts on the good part of the movie- with the legend, Movie or Dick with the parts that I really didn’t understand or parts I didn’t like.

So yeah, spoilers are coming.

The Longest Ride

4 out of 5


Movie: With the first few scenes of the movie, it really made an impression of, “Oh darn, another love story. I think this is going to be the usual Nicholas Sparks where someone will die so you would cry…” and all of that yadda yadda, but no! It will make you swoon and it will make you realize not only to value to person you are involved with romantically but every person in your community. Kaya lang hindi ko masyado crush yung lalake. Si Scott Eastwood ha, hindi yung lalake sa photo sa taas.

Dick: Scott Eastwood needs to be more charming in front of the cameran diaz. His face lacks expression. Char

Age of Adaline

3 out of 5


Movie: Since Blake Lively is in this movie, I was Mary J. Obliged to watch it. This movie made me interested because I love everything vintage (not just the smell). It will really not make you cry though. It’s more of giving you sighs and surprises.

Dick: Michiel Huisman lacked air time. I was expecting his character to be more productive in terms of showing the audience a skillfull acting but he was kinda tedious. Thank God for his looks! Ellis played by Huisman, was previously in Game of Thrones as Daario Naharis. I really did not know the issue why was he substituted. He really suited that part. At least in Game of Thrones, he was able to show said skills, sensual kills as you may. Hehehe

Dead Poets Society

3.5 out of 5

enhanced-buzz-30760-1407889212-12 (1).jpg

Movie: Who wouldn’t watch this film over and over again? Ha. It’s not Robin Williams, it’s Ethan Hawke and how fucking cute he was!!! I wish I was born the same age as him. Hahaha. Of course, I’m kidding. Well, let’s now tackle the serious side. I have watched this before and I just downloaded it to watch over the weekend. What I like most about this movie are the poems. It will really struck, entertain and release your inner self. Their acting delivered the poems in a very realistic manner (especially, actors have a role in their teen years). You will really feel the hunger for a new Pablo Neruda or Michael Faudet book.

Dick: Maybe because this is an old film, I didn’t like the sound effects and the setting. There were only three locations. Arte lang.

Endless Love

1.5 out of 5


Movie: Another feel-good film for only those who are in love. A hopeless romantic should not watch this. *paging my fellow PSAs* hahaha thank God for Alex Pettyfer who just made me finish the movie. Ganda ng underarm pati buhok haha

Dick: Brutally corny. The usual teenage love story.

The Best of Me

2 out of 5


Movie: Duh, what do you expect. Of course, Nicholas Sparks and another romantic novel/movie but then again, do not set your expectations in Cloud 9. You have to watch the movie… and be, “Ohhh okay, it’s romantic but…”

Dick: I did not like the casting. I think there was no chemistry between the two. I would still choose the guy but I’d rather have Amy Adams as Amanda because they have the same initials. Lels (James Marsden is older than Michelle Monaghan but James looks much younger). There were unexpected scenes (like the killing of *toot* and *toot* really don’t wannt spoil anything but the ending (the way they died – not saying who though) is a cliche. I’ve watched the same ending in a LOCAL film actually. Hahaha.

Straight Outta Compton

4 out of 5


Movie: OMG I LOVE THIS MOVIE! Haha! I’m sorry. I think part of my past life is being a ghetto and… Well, to be honest I really grew up listening to hip hop and rock but of course, singing and rapping makes a person’s mood so sunny. Anyway, my description is too sweet for a ghetto movie. I swear, if you are a hip hop or RnB fan you will really love this movie! During the movie here were my reactions:

Oh my god, that’s how they started!

Oh my god, now I know why the title of the song is Fuck the Police

Oh my god, Tupac! Snoop! Aaaaaccck!!

Oh my god, they’re so loyal to their wives! They’ve been together for years!

Oh my god, look at that face, you look like my next mistake. Love’s a game. Wanna play? Eh, eh.

Wait, that’s Taytay’s line. And it’s a pop song.

And you will really cry 3 times in this movie!!!!! Yes, there are specifically three scenes.

I’m outie.

Dick: There were just dicks all over the place (parental advisory guys because I downloaded the unclean version hehehe)


I will be watching this tonight. :D Any heads up before I watch it? No spoilers please. :)




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