Heavenly Bodies vs. A Heavenly Body


Clouds that have the same shape as your hair

Curly, fragile, fixed as you come to me bare



Rain that has the same game of your sweat

Dropping, dripping but still manages to pull me with no threats



Sun that has the same effect in giving me heat

Bursting, opening as it always leave me beautifully weak



Stars that have the same blink of your eyes

Shining, golden that no one can ever beat as twice



Rocks that have the same color as your moles

Refined, plentiful that can cover all my worries and holes



Sand that has the same texture of your skin

Rough and smooth but nevertheless what a lifetime of touching it has been



Planets that have the same rotation as your intelligent mind

Orbiting and awakening my innocence which I have left behind



Asteroids that have the same attachment you consistently make me feel

Historical, eccentric as much as I want it so bad due to your sex appeal



Satellites that have the same disposition as your heart

Communicating, informing, loving as you welcome the idea that we will never ever break us apart



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