March 18-20

Aside from the endless coffee I had for Friday and Saturday with officemates…



Yes, the typical group photo in a coffee shop – but NO. We had to take a photo because this was only one of the few moments we get to eat out as a team (though incomplete). We needed a rest because of our tiring assess with the continuous hiring and targets we had. Thanks to our new baby, Gigi, for the not-that-clear photos :)

Anyway, just to share you about my weekend: (which I know you’ll not that be interested in haha)



The finale episode was a motherfucker. I know, I know. Every episode has always been a mind-blowing experience (especially for the steamy love scenes of Connor and Oliver – woops, a different blow right there).

If you keep on watching the episodes, your talent of predictability will really occur. Though, what I like about this episode is (even if I had a feeling Frank was going to kill *toot* and had a hidden agenda for *toot* not to spoil so I had to insert *toots*, it still left me cursing, shouting and jumping. Frank is still hot so what the hell. He’s a hot badass muderer *yummmm*


I cannot fucking wait for April 24!!! Have you seen the trailer? Good gracious…


I MISS YOUR HOTNESS, MR. SNOW *another yuuumm*


Speaking of jumping, there is no connection at all. Hahaha! No, well I did some chores yesterday and it was my fourth time this year doing the laundry. It wasn’t that massive laundry but my sutures/staples due to my c-section kept on aching. I know it’s been 2 years since I gave birth but there are times that I still feel weak. Not only the sutures but sometimes in my lower abdomen, then in my groin is the most painful! It’s like I have UTI (well I really have) but like, UTI everyday! Aside from doing the laundry, of course I had to carry certain pails – plus carrying Alessandra when she needs to sleep and plus plus plus other carrying. Carrying a big amount of problems. Charaught!


Weekends are the only days I get to talk to my closest friends if not via Messenger, via phone. You know these too much notifications from groups… Hahaha *rolls eyes*

Plus, it’s been a while since I last talked to one of my best friends in college, Heidi.

I really do miss them and it’s good I’m seeing them tomorrow to drink and sing the night away :) – which I haven’t asked permission yet but I was the one who planned it. Haha

Holy Week

My plans for Holy Week? Always booked since 2003. I always spend the Holy Week with my not-so-holy family friends. Hahaha! I cannot wait! Too much excitement! Before I really get to stay overnight for 5 straight days but now it’s different because I have to go home everyday with Alessandra – which is a-okay because at least, I get to spend time with her and with our family friends for 5 straight days. :)

Here’s a quick story of my best support group with whom I spend the Holy Week with :)

Wala lang. Tangina, may ma-blog lang kasi wala pang trabahong kailangan gawin. #mema



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