Holy Week 2016

Spending the Holy Week with my second family has always been magical. I call them my second family because I really grew up with them. If you have read my previous posts, I also consider them as my support group because they have helped me in every aspect: emotionally, spiritually, physically and mentally.

We’ve been doing these Holy Week activities ever since 2003 and it just keeps getting better and better.

I’ll be posting A LOT of photos not only because of the 4 days and 3 nights spent with them, but because I LEFT MY PHONE UNATTENDED and well, yes I lock my phone but even when it’s locked, you can still access the camera so the moment I got my phone, (we just really leave our phones wherever and because Alessandra and I was sleeping, they took advantage of it. Which is kinda cute hahaha) it notified, “Storage space runing out.” Wow, thanks guys! HAHAHAHA

But before I spent the Holy Week with my second family, I had dinner first with two of my closest college friends (we call our group, ‘Lindas’ because we think we’re beautiful haha), at Garage 88 in BF. (I know there is also the same branch in Taguig – and I think Yeng Constantino owns it.)

Heidi, Criselle and Yours Truly (credits to Criselle for the photo)

There were only few customers because it was Holy Tuesday. The place really, of course, has the chill vibe since it’s located in the South. We actually got complementary drinks (Red Horse lang naman haha) because of the burgers we ordered. I like their fries. (Well, in any food establishment I will never complain about the fries – it’s like committing suicide).

So here’s what I promised, posting a lot of photos. I have to put everything in a slideshow because of the tons of photos.

We were drinking every night until Easter Sunday morning so please bear with all of our gorgeous faces.

Maundy Thursday

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Good Friday

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Below are the photos taken when I left my phone unattended.

Galing ng bestfriend ko noh? Mapapansin niyo naman sino talaga ang may kasalanan. >:|

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Black Saturday

We were champions!!! :) along with Yellow team nga lang. Hahaha!

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After the activities, it has always been a tradition to swim at our ever so favorite resort in Los Baños, Laguna :) it’s kuya Lino’s birthday on the 28th (tomorrow) so we also celebrated it in advance. We’re actually very grateful that he drove for us and spent his pre-birthday with us! :) The whole time, para kaming may kasamang Scout or Patrol Leader. Hahaha!

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Simula nung 23, naka leave na ako hanggang bukas. Nyahaha! Sinulit ko talaga ang bakasyon. Kailangan talaga kasi kailangan mawala muna lahat ng alak na dumadaloy sa dugo ko.

Hope you enjoyed your Holy Week Vacation :)





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