Beware, spoilers are coming.

Seeing this part of the introduction makes my heart so happy! <3

Source: http://gameofthrones.wikia.com

Just finished watching it around 12am last night/this morning, all I can say is fuck. Thanks to Jamie Lannister who really enhanced the fuck word of course, with Cersei. Haha, I just want to laugh. I loved it… Wait, I’ll do it scene by scene (as of what I remember).

Ha, all I could say is of course based from the theories of some “throners” (is that really what you call GoT fans or not? I just made this up, sorry), all I heard was ‘leave it all to Melisandre.’

Oh, Greyjoy. This 50 Shades of Greyjoy. Ang panget mo parin kingina ka! Bakit hindi ka pa mamatay?!

The scene with Sansa and Brienne was a bit predictable BUT seriously, my tears were flowing. We’ve been waiting for this moment, yung may forever.

Of course, I swooned when I saw Tyrion. He’s really my favorite character in the series. Smart, eloquent, small but terrible, “You don’t have a cock.” Hahaha!

To continue what I was saying earlier regarding the Lannisters, I really laughed because first, Cersei’s hair color seemed so unlikely. Second, there was no sex scene, baduy! And then not too much drama but I like how Jamie said fuck, thrice haha.

Dorne Dorne Dorne… this was the most bloody scene of all which really came startlingly. I love how Doran Martell was murdered by his own wife and daughter. Sobrang angas! Though I like it more how Quentyn was murdered. “You choose.” and then, boom shakalak! Right through his face with a sphere! Delisyoso! Hahaha!

I was actually waiting for Daenerys to speak the Dothraki language when the two Dothrakis were sexually envisioning her naked and all other wild things they can think of. But yeah, I can say it transitioned well when she let them know she was the former wife of Khal Drogo though unfortunately she has to stay.

Eh kung ito lang ang paguusapan na ipapanglaban niya, talo lahat ng Dothraki mosquitoe na yan eh:

Source: http://spot.ph

Cannot elaborate more on what happened to Arya. I was expecting she would remember her “dance lesson” with Syrio Forel but no :( She’s really not my favorite and now that she’s blind, she’s more weak to me. Ang kupal ng comment ko na ito. Dami ko bang expectations sa kanya? Hahaha! “Oysters, clams and cockles!”

MELISANDRE!! I was not expecting this. To be honest, I haven’t really read all of the books but the last scene has been a cliffhanger (and always will be). I cannot wait for May 2 :)

Guapo mo parin kahit patay ka na Jon Snow!!! Sana Incubus nalang kita. Charaught!



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    1. Hahaha you can at least you know the truth! ;) I do have friends who still watch and who already finished the books, and based on their feedback, it’s okay but yun nga mas okay daw talaga sa books. :)

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