My Army (hashtag blessed haha)

This song is dedicated to all of my truest friends and people who have touched my life lovingly:

This is better viewed playing the music video in the background while looking at the photos below. It’s really a must to listen to the song while looking at the photos. Wala lang. Gusto ko lang mag-drama. Namimiss ko na mga kaibigan ko. Hahaha! Sana while looking at it, maiyak ka rin kasi miss mo na rin sila. :) Siyempre, nandito din ang family photos. :)

Be thankful for the people who have supported you all throughout.

Pasensya nalang at yung iba lumang pictures na kaya may pagka-jeje ng konti sa quality ng photo. Hahahaha








I love all of you. And thank you.

Appreciate everyone around you, and the love that they give.



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