Liebster Is Best With Wine

I’m sorry, I’m craving for lobsters and this is the most punned title I can think of. Hahaha!

Let’s get to the point.

Thank you my dear Glaire for this nomination! :) May God bless you with a lot of lobsters (or lovers, char).


The mechanics:

I will try to nominate 11, but I can only nominate 10. Hahaha! I can only nominate 6.

First, to answer the questions from Glaire:

1. What is your biggest fear? Snakes :( mga taong ahas! Mga kaibigang ahas! Char. But seriously, snakes :((

2. What is your greatest achievement so far? Being a single parent. ;)

3. Mommy or daddy’s girl? Neither.

4. Beer/Tequila/Whiskey or Wine? Beer. Period. Unless, there are lobsters.

5. Kinky or vanilla kinda girl? Since I went to the beach last weekend, I am kinky.

6. Would you rather be in a beach or in a winter wonderland right now? Beach. I love the sun. Sun of a beach!

7. Do you have the one that got away? Hahahaha okay fine, yes.

8. What inspires you to write? The people around me (it includes you writers as well!)

9. Best thing that you have right now? My black pen. I can never survive work without it.

10. Fill: I miss the/those time/times when _______. I miss those times when I could just swim all day. And when I say swim, swim plus exercise.

11. Do you ever write something and then the next day you read it and you’re like eck this isn’t me and delete it afterwards? Lol. Yes hahahaha

When I see the word ‘libester’, I think about sweets so I nominate the following sweet bloggers:

(Bukod sa sobrang sweet sila, very supportive sila sa mga entries ko. Haha akalain mong may natutuwa pa sa entries ko? Siyempre, natutuwa din ako sa mga entries nila).

France Why France? France is very ma-kwento in her blog! I love all her kwentos. Sorry France if sometimes wala na akong time mag-like but I really do read everything! Ramdam na ramdam ko ang pagka-bagets ko habang binabasa ko. :)

Nicole Very sweet when it comes to liking my photos in Facebook! Hahaha! Well, if you drop by Nicole’s blog, she’s very sweet and passionate in constructing poems. :)

Aysa Si Aysa ay isa (aysa, gets the joke?) sa mga pinakamakukulit pero supportive and sweet dito sa Blogosphere! Kaya ihanda niyo na ang mga sarili niyo! Haha joke lang Aysa. :)

Bianca has a very informative blog when it comes to her experiences. I find her entries sweet because she’s not afraid sharing her experiences and adventures.

Ynah You would really enjoy reading Ynah’s blog because aside from sharing her adventures, she also shares anything under the sun.

Ren Hoping I could call her Ate Ren :) What I really like about Ate Ren is she knows how to admire, respect and acknowledge other bloggers. :)

And here are my 11 questions:

  1. If you’re not writing, what another passionate hobby do you like doing and why?
  2. Why did you choose WordPress? Why not other blog sites?
  3. Are you comfortable meeting other bloggers in person?
  4. When you started blogging, did you intentionally wanted to write for yourself only or for other people? Or both? Why?
  5. Has blogging changed your life?
  6. What age did you start writing?
  7. What age did you start blogging?
  8. What is in it in blogging that keeps you writing more?
  9. What is the longest duration you stopped blogging and why?
  10. Who do you think is the most influential blogger?
  11. Bakit blog log log log log log?

11 Random Facts About Me

  1. I’ve never tried drugs. And I will never. Never! (Miriam Santiago tone) My gad, I hate drugs! (Du30 tone)
  2. I love music. All genres (except the jejemon genre)
  3. Sometimes I’m a grammar nazi but I also grammar nazi myself. Lels
  4. I eat in a very weird way. Sakto parati. Kapag may ulam tapos wala nang kanin, kukuha pa ako ng ulam. Kapag wala nang ulam, kukuha pa ako ng kanin. Basta kailangan sakto. Tapos hindi ako umiinom ng tubig in between unless malaking pangangailangan na talaga hahaha.
  5. I’m weird when riding escalators or walking in the mall. Since mabilis manghina legs ko dahil may fear of still heights, (I like heights in motion kasi for example, cliff diving, rollercoasters – not just ferris wheels.), I always stay on the right side. I don’t know why.
  6. I can take seeing human beings die in front of me, or being tortured but I can’t take seeing stray dogs or just anything about dogs. I’m a dog lover. Basta dog lover, sweet lover.
  7. I’m such a chill person. Mainit na ulo ng ibang tao, chill lang ako. Nabangga na kami, chill lang ako. Sigaw na ng sigaw na yung mag jowang kaibigan ko sa harap ko, chill lang ako. Sinesermonan ako ng nanay ko, chill lang ako. Hahaha
  8. I don’t believe in hell. I believe that there’s no other hell like what we have here on earth – but I do believe heaven is within our hearts.
  9. I believe in reincarnation. Mas masarap sya kapag nilagay sa halo-halo. Hahaha
  10. I’m a Roman Catholic by paper (yes I don’t go to church – well before, or when there’s like a wedding/christening) but I really don’t anymore. Religion shouldn’t be a practice. I believe that faith in God is stronger.
  11. Ang lalim ng numer 10 so let’s take #11 a bit lighter. I love One Direction and Justin Bieber. <3 hihihi



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