To New Categorized Entry Titles!

So aside from my entries entitled, ‘Political Pun’, ‘Daily Prompt’, ‘Hey Jude’ etc. I decided to do three new titles namely: TYFW, Pedo File, Samsong and Debanda.

Yung iba matino, yung isa bastos. Galing diba.

TYFW stands for Thank You For Writing. These entries will be about writers I have read through online writings/blogs and I solely dedicate such entries since they deserve it.

Pedo File is about pedophilia SYEMPRECHARAUGHTLANG (my files haha) young (uhm hot) boys I consider. But of course, it’s just a crush and appreciation. Don’t be scared and don’t take me wrong. (C’mon girls, I know there are a lot of cute young guys today).

Samsong and Debanda would be entries about songs/bands/artists that can possibly transpire a day for me and hoping their music would inspire you as well.

I think that’s for now. Still trying to think of more entry titles. Have a happy weekend! ๐Ÿ›€


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