Fruition Weekend

I am just in awe.

I think I had to have 2 days off to realize some things that I would just like to share with you.


1. I love God and I miss serving the people

It’s been a long time since I haven’t gone to my second family. It’s hard with my every other Saturday work. That’s where really my heart is but enough of the excuses, if I really want to be there – I should be there.

2. The unconditional love that I give to my friends, it is more than what I expected.

Well, you know me. How much I love my friends so dearly. I was just not expecting that they’d reciprocate it more than I ever could imagine. The fact they would do anything to see me and to ensure they do as what they promised, it’s just so overwhelming and too fulfilling. The love I get from them is more than enough. I want to thank the Lord for giving me such good and true friends. Friends who treat me as family. Friends that I can be with and talk to like family. They are always there to support me.

3. I still love myself :)

And I could not feel any better than this. I’m ready for battles. If it means letting go, feel alone or just plain not being loved – what’s important is I still love myself and I have a massive and sublime army standing behind me. An army which is ready to fight the battles with me. An army who is ready to love me unconditionally.

And with is, I could not be any happier.

Thank you guys. I love all of you.


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