BPS: Learn to Say No

(BPS stands for Beer & Pizza Sessions. These posts are all about random feelings that pop in my head and influenced by the heart. Such topics I mostly talk about with friends when we eat pizza and drink beer – this has been a tradition by the way. BPS is inspired by Kat since she has her coffee sessions – sharing updates regarding her life. So, thanks Kat!)

I remember sitting here months ago, in this exact same chair, writing about love.

To be honest, the other day I was feeling giddy. I have drafted a post about happiness in reaction to Gaylee‘s perspective when it comes to happiness. I got very busy with work that’s why I was not able to continue the post. Yes, I’m that type of person. If I’m distracted easily when writing, I do not have the mood finishing such post.

That’s what sucks, really. One day you’re at the highest form of cloud nine and then the next day, everything pulls you down. I just tried understanding, is this how polarity wants to be felt?

Tatagalugin ko na.


Tangina. Ganitong-ganito din sinabi ko sa post na yun. Ewan ko if naaalala niyo yun, “Pagod na pagod na pagod na ako.”

Tapos naisip ko, parang hindi naman talaga ako napagod. Kasi hindi ako magsusulat tungkol dito ulit kung napagod talaga ako eh.

Parang hindi ba pwede alternate naman para makapagpahinga? Or warning man lang bago ka maging malungkot? Minsan kung iisipin mo ang daya eh. Sobrang daya ng buhay talaga.

What a risk it is to be always emotionally-driven.

Oo nanaman ako ng oo sa lahat ng bagay. Bigay nanaman ng bigay. Wala nanaman akong hangganan.

Pwede bang umayaw na muna? Pwede bang humindi na muna?

Humihindi naman ako eh.

Ang masaklap nito, humihindi nga lang ako sa kapaguran.

Ikaw? May hangganan ka ba? O kaya mo pa?


15 thoughts on “BPS: Learn to Say No

  1. madalas din akong mag-block out kapag nagsusulat. May topic na pero kapag isusulat ko na, ay tameme. Pagod na pagod na pagod na rin ako mag-isip. Lalo na’t wala naman tayong ganong isip. LOL!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. hahaha ang taamaaad mo!

    yes. may hangganan, madalas hindi planado, madalas unexplainable, pero naniniwala akong may hangganan (pagmamahal nga sya sakin natapos eh) CHAROT! hahahaha


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