Quotes To Live By: Polarity

By yours truly. =)

People will tell you to do this, to do that because that’s what they think is right. Stop believing them. “Right” itself is constrained, limited and bounded by their thoughts of what they personally believe in – what the standards of the community has set their minds to believe in. Do what makes you happy. Shit happens. If it all gets fucked up in the end, stand up. It’s not that easy. It’s always going to be hard. But you’ll just make it harder for yourself if you keep opening your eyes and ears to people who are not in the same situation as yours. Be merry. In the end, you’re always going to hear something anyway – do it or not. At least you took the risk, at least you did something for yourself. If it doesn’t end well, you’ll hear them booing and laughing, but you had the courage to be open to opportunities – that’s how strong you are to face that certain challenge, learn the lesson and have the chance to grow and that’s how weak they are to just stand there and laugh, persecute and judge. If it ends well, you’ll be fulfilled and will never have regrets. Trust me, if they’re in your situation, they’ll come running to you in the end for advice. In other lingo, KEBER. In other lingo again, DEADMA. In other lingo, tell them to fuck off and it’s not their life. In other lingo, shut up ka nalang. ✌




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