Daily U: 3rd of June 2016

Parent’s Orientation

It was my first time attending a parent’s orientation. I want to cry. My baby is now going to school. Well, technically not regular schooling since she’s part of the Toddler’s class, she gets to attend everyday (just without the uniform). We wanted to expose her for the learning and fun plus to socialize. Good thing the school accepts 2.0-2.11 years old.

I was late. Ugh. I was late by 10 minutes! Nakakahiya! Why? My mom asked me to do grocery but I really wasn’t expecting the line in the cashier was that long! I lined up for almost 30 minutes.

Anyway, when I arrived at the school, obviously there were no available seats at the back. It’s always the late comers who get to sit in the front. And the a bit humiliating thing? I’m the only one, of course, who really does not look like a parent. Hindi sa sinasabi kong baby ang fezlak ko pero naman sa suot and itsura ko, parang gimmickan talaga ang peg ng lola mo. Hindi naman overdressed pero alam mo yung porma ko di tulad ng porma ng parentals? Hahaha

When the orientation finished, I went to the lobby and asked Teacher Benie if I could get a form that they gave the parents earlier BECAUSE I WAS LATE hahaha and they were like, “Oh, you’re Alessandra’s mom?” And all of the parents there looked at me, but smiled naman. Okay. Keri ko pa. And then she added, “Oh, your Nathan’s sister?” And okay. Yeah. That’s where my younger brother had his Nursery and Kinder. Parang ang bata ko talaga. Akala ko sasabihin sakin, “Oh, you’re Alessandra’s sister?” Hahaha! Ako na nag-drive pauwi para ramdam na ramdam kong nanay na talaga ako. Hahaha

Pizza Please

One of my best and childhood friends called me when I was doing the grocery, asked where I am. Well, they always do it if they think I’m free. Unfortunately, I told him I had an appointment. His mom and younger brother and another good friend of ours planned to eat out because well, to catch up on things and to bond (like we don’t do it every week). It all ended up ordering pizza and staying at home. Well, it’s the most comfortable bonding, right? Movies nalang kulang. Wala kaming tv sa sala eh. Hindi kami rich. So tambay nalang kami sa sala and sa dining. I think I needed them at some point. Well, tita and mom were just talking and chit chatting while me my bestfriend and his younger brother, another good friend and my younger brother were the ones bonding.

Bestfriend: Kitang-kita ko sa mata mo pre may problema ka.
Me: Okay lang ako. Wag mo ako pansinin.

(For the record, he is very good determining among us barkada if we’re okay or not)

Bestfriend: Wag kang pabebe dyan. Tagal na nating magkaibigan. Ano problema mo?
Me: Wala nga. Kumain nalang tayo at magpakasaya. Masaya ang buhay.

Bestfriend: Tangina Anje. Wag mo ako gaguhin. Alam mo, yan ang mahirap sayo. Kapag kami may problema, sinasabi namin. Ikaw mahilig kang isarili yung problema mo na sayo lang. Bakit pa at dinalhan ka ng pizza?
Me: Ah kasi gutom tayo? Haha. Sana beer nalang ang dinala niyo. Chos.
Another good friend: So ano nga?

Since hirap akong mag-explain and ayoko naman talaga magkwento, pinakita ko nalang itong photo na sinave ko galing Facebook (talagang pabebe noh)

Source: Facebook (Poems Porn)

Kayo? Napapasaya niyo pa ba sarili niyo based sa sarili niyo lang and not other factors? Paano niyo nagagawa yun?


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