New Face

Nope, I did not had my face done. No nose jobs, no Botox injections.

I actually have a lot of blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, etc. I don’t usually thread my eyebrows. I haven’t had my baby mustache waxed.

What I’m actually talking about is my blog. It has a new face. Yep, new theme. I wanted to be it more simple and accessible? Hahaha! I’m not sure though. I just wanted less design, less header image, etc. I kinda like the new font (well my header image was used before but I think I used the theme for only 2 months when I freshly went back to WordPress). I like the header image because it really speaks a lot about me; like how I love music, chilling and that small object right there I don’t want to expound why ;) I kinda like the simplicity. Mature ang pegLess jeje peg in layman’s terms. Or pwedeng, quarter-life crisis kasi?

Since there weren’t any boss yesterday, I had he first two hours free (so no interviews yet). All I did was look for a simple theme, trying to fix the widgets, etc.

I also decided to lessen categorized titles (medyo sabog kasi hindi ako sobrang active na naguupdate – like the BPS, Pedophile, Daily Prompt, Grinds My Gears), to be honest, I wasn’t really consistent. I am inspired doing it when I just feel like doing it. As you’ve noticed on the right sidebar, there is only one category left. I deleted the rest of my categories because I wanted them to be categorized in a timely manner. Timely manner nga ba talaga ang right term? Ah basta, para may manner at maayos. Maganda kasi pakinggan yung ‘timely manner’. Bwahaha! And parang mas gaganahan ako magsulat kapag ganito kalinis yung istura ng blog ko.

Pero seryoso, parang mas cute ngayon (or mas cute ako?). Parang simple lang talaga. Feeling ko blogger ako na artista ang peg ko.

But if you really want to look at my new face (jeje mode ako for posting – pagpaumanhin niyo po *nagmamaganda*), please see below:

Pasensya na sa background sa stockroom ng opisina. Kitang-kita pa yung uniform ni Kuya A (SMS namin) medyo duling lang

Ayos ba? Pwede na? Parang tabingi nga yung mukha ko eh. Parang galing sa seizure or parang nag-lockjaw ako. Sa totoo lang nahihiya akong i-post yung photo ko pero parang, kailangan para lang may pagtawanan kayo ngayong umaga. Actually, para talagang may ‘pun’ sa topic ko sa post na ito.

Though just a question, how will I put all of my previous entries into their new categories? Guys, I need 911!

Thank you :)



23 thoughts on “New Face

  1. Is this blog some kind of psychotic break down? New theme on WordPress, and a New Face? Huh… I can’t even follow this crazy train you call thought. Punjetry if we are ever in the same area code I would gladly sedate you!


      1. Hahahah my blog sucks promise haha…. walang personality. Im pouring less effort daw sabi ng fiance ko :( kasi ang future mother in law may doctorate degree sa literature. Kaya never niya makikita yun blog ko hhahahh… :)

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Ikaw na ang may fiance! Hahaha! Okay lang yan. There are things na you should keep to yourself but if you really want to write and you’re good at it, don’t be afraid to show it to the world! :)

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha alam mo ba hindi na ako nakapag-update ng categories na yan. Haha puro daily/event updates nalang nagagawa ko sa mga entries ko. Tumatanda na ata ako. Haha. Wala. Hindi ako makahanap na faster way :(


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