Hi Career Path!

I’ve always wanted to be a writer.

Nah, I’ve always wanted to be a teacher, doctor, private/sargeant, dentist, swimmer, dancer, artist, part of any famous OPM band and a traveler.

But seriously, what happened?

Influenced by the people I grew up with, I had different preferences already. When I was young, I even thought of having my own business. I thought I could put up an apparel store. I thought I could do anything.

But no, everything you ever dreamed of cannot be exactly how you plan it – that’s why I hated planning and setting goals for myself.

Just to give you a background of my curriculum vitae, (which I get sick of looking everyday with applicants), I only focused on two facets of HR: Training and Recruitment.

I started my first job two days after my graduation. I worked for a real estate company. I was a trainer – I kept on riding the LRT and MRT. Get it? Trainer? :) okay okay, so I trained real estate consultants/agents. But seriously, with my job responsibilities, riding the train is a must. This is the job that I learned how to adapt with the ins and outs of the Metro. I learned the position of balancing in the train when you don’t have a choice (unless hawakan ko yung braso or kamay ng katabi ko well basta guapo). I learned how to print as well (as in kasama na yung pag order ng papel, paglagay ng ink sa printer etc). It was very toxic for me. The latest that I stayed in the office was 3AM just because of printing. I think I got tired because of traveling from BF to Quezon City. I really loved the work itself because I think my passion is really inspiring and motivating people but if you get tired because of the location, and get tired because of not being culture fit (meaning I really did not like the environment and I don’t think vibes ko talaga mga tao), you’ll really want a greener pasture.

With my second job under a business partner company, my job was to pirate. If you remember the role of Mila Kunis in Friends With Benefits, that’s what I do. Hell no, not sleeping around with who I was able to pirate – what I meant was the job itself, you pervert. Hahaha! So anyway, not only was I assigned to pirate, I was also assigned with the accounts of job contracting. I admit, location wise it was very accessible for me since it was in Alabang. My mom just had to drop and fetch me or sometimes, I even rode with my bosses (RIP Sir Alex šŸ˜¢). I loved the environment though I really felt lethargic with my job. No worries with the basics of recruitment since I experienced a good training with my internship. I guess I just really had a hard time coping with the placements and having set expectations by our clients which I can’t really provide pronto, and so again I left.

My current job? I was really not expecting that I’d have all 3 aspects working. I mean, talk about the environment, responsibilities and the location? I am really satisfied. This is one of the blessings I really thanked God for. You know, having a child is really the greatest blessing. Ever since Alessandra arrived, all of the factors in my life fell into place. I may not have a husband who can support me or Alessandra may not have a presence of a father but God is so good. He gave me more blessings. He made me focus on what I have and what I gained.

Anyway, going back to my career path…

I see myself working here long-term. I see myself growing and helping other people growing too.

I realized that you have to go through massive obstacles for you to reach (if not your goal) the job you deserve. You will be placed in such positions because you are being sharpened of what the future holds.

We may have jobs we really desire that we don’t get. But let me tell you this, the job you had and you have right now is really for you and for the time given. There is always a reason why you like or hate it because it is the reason that will lead you to an answer in the future.

So just relax, love your job – not your boss! Hindi ka nagtratrabaho para lumandi, ineng. (Love the job, no blowjobs okay? Behave).

Just relax and everything will fall into place. =) God is good. You just have to be patient. =)

Let me share you photos that me and my officemates took last night. We had 114 applicants and we survived! Hahaha!






6 thoughts on “Hi Career Path!

    1. Haha! Hindi naman sa judgmental ako, eh kung mahal naman nila ang isa’t isa… Kaya lang siguro lumugar at alamin ang papel ng bawat isa. Hindi yung tipong sunugin ang papel at maglaro ng apoy. Haha

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      1. Pwede rin yung sige kainin mo yung ulam, higupin mo yung sabaw pero wag mo ubusin lahat kung hindi mo naman kaya. Sasama lang pakiramdam mo.

        Kaya ikaw Ared, kung hindi ka kaya mahalin pabalik, mahalin mo parin. May iba namang magbabalik. It’s your time to cry on someone’s shoulder and she’ll eat your booger. Oh diba, rhyming. Unconditional love. Kaya nya kainin kulangot mo kahit gaano pa kaasim yan.

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