Always Listen To Your Instincts ;)

Source: Poems Porn

Choose wisely. Choose the people who will value you. Give chances to those people who want to love you truly. Stop wasting your time with people who only wants to play the game and who just basically wants to fuck you and not love you. Never be sad because they left you. They’re the ones who gave up easily which only means they really did not love you at all. You have the right to be happy. Someone wants you to be happy. Give them a chance. Stop closing your doors.

Okay, Anje?

And continuously hearing the past and present advice of my bestest friends:

“Hindi ka makakarma Anje kasi nagmahal ka ng totoo. If there is karma, it will be good. It was always good karma for you Anje.”

“And let karma do the rest. If karma happened as revenge to your past that left you, it will happen again to the person who just left you now. Just wait and if you’re lucky, you will be given the chance to watch him slowly suffer for what he did, to himself and to his loved ones. Especially the fact that you made him an exception and opened your fragile heart again.”

“Hindi ka kasi nakikinig sa akin. Sabi ko sayo iba lang ang habol niyan.” – galing talaga ng taong ‘to! I had a feeling yun lang naman talaga habol niya, but still I insisted to provide him love. Shit talaga hindi ako nakinig! Hahaha!

“You did not lose Anje. You won and gained a lot. Marami kami nagmamahal sayo ng totoo.”

And I will continue to be happy, as always. ❤

Thank you Lord for this lesson learned! I feel so light and better. Thank you for taking out a bad relationship and making me ready for a new, not only the better but the best. I trust in You. ❤


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