Testimonial: Everything Doubled

Naalala ko humingi ng mga testimonial sa friends ko nung uso pa yung Friendster. Partida, hindi pa lahat dun ay friends ko talagang legit. Hahaha

I realized (and thank you God for all of the blessings) that all the love you give will really return to you. :) If you hurt someone, the pain will double – so you really have to pay the price. But when you just keep on loving and giving love, everything will return to you in an instant! Like Lucky Me instant noddles. Parang kahit anong unos yung nadaanan ko for the past years, ang gaan gaan parin ng pakiramdam ko. In an instant, nagiging okay ako kaagad. Hindi na ako crybaby (ay crymomma na pala ako). Kumbaga, just keep the positive vibes going! :)

Siguro ito ang mga sikreto ko:

Forgiving will result to a peaceful heart, mind, body and soul – ay soul, teka wag ka muna mamatay.

Acceptance will result to a wiser you.

Faith will lead you to the good graces that life has still to offer.

Love will keep on pouring from the heavens. May it be from your friends, family, work and even from a special someone.

But I keep on giving food so my tummy right now is doubled! More fries, more beer and more pizzasssss :>

You will know if you’re on the right track if all the good things keep on coming (not cumming)

This post is more about thanking the Lord for the everyday blessings and the love I keep on feeling and receiving. Thank You for always reminding me to keep on loving others even if there are times that I want to close my heart because of the fear of losing. Thank You for all the lessons. Thank You! <3

Make love not war.


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