He Makes Me Shake

Grips on your waist
Front way, back way ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬

You know that I don’t play
Streets not safe ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬

I am so LSS.

No “skincism” here but I never liked dark guys until…

Too hot for my salsa [Source: Google]
Nope, Drake is not that black. I actually have a big crush on Denzel Washington and Nelly. I love Denzel’s movies and I love rapping Nelly’s songs. So yeah, I can like dark guys!

Assuming that he’s such a gentleman since he’s Canadian, he’s kinda rough when it comes to writing lyrics about women. This is not much of an issue for me. His voice just makes my… heart bleed in rainbow colors. Let’s please put this on a positive note.

The kind of voice that makes me like artists are voices that you can easily identify by just hearing the first word of a song or even the beat of the music. I remember back in college, the first song I’ve heard of him is Best I Ever Had. I am still grooving and rapping that song until now. It actually has its own playlist on my Spotify.

I don’t know and memorize all of his songs but these are the songs and videos that I find him hot, singing and dancing – or even just by staring at me.

I want performances when a singer sings a different song then mixes it up. So this video is my Top 1.


Oh, I had a hard time looking for this since there is no official video of One Dance yet. Thanks to YouTube! I always wanna watch live videos. Live porn not counted and that kind is not my hobby.


This video is so steamy! I know Drake dated Rihanna before and I still feel the electricity between them.


This Headlines video was more of an advocacy that’s why it also struck me.


And how could I not have Hotline Bling as one of his awesome videos?


With his Worst Behavior video, he adapted Mase’s line in Mo Money Mo Problems song.

And last but not the least and my favorite song of his.


I regret not putting him in my Samsong Challenge with the question of my favorite solo artist or who I want to see live. (Wait have I or have I not? I don’t remember. Sorry for the short-term memory loss).

Any artist you find interesting and talented like Drake who makes me shake?

Share your thoughts below! :)


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