The Puntold Story: Riding In Cars With Boys

If you haven’t heard, the title is from one of my favorite movies.


How ironic that my last post about a puntold story was about reliving love.

This post isn’t supposed to. Well, let’s see.

If you take it literally, to count the times I’ve been riding in cars with boys, it would be seventy times seventy. That heavenly thought? Nope, it’s not always romantic. It covers a lot of aspects. Yung ginagamit pangdikdik ng yelo.

I come from a broken family. If you’re an avid listener of GTWM podcast, usually women callers who have issues with their lovelife have issues with their messed up fathers. I agree. My mom and dad separated back in 2005. What a timing for my teenage life. My dad migrated to the US and my mom still continued being a superhero.

So it all boils down to relationship issues. Nothing in particular from my past but let me share to you ala Tuesdays With Morrie or The Five People You Meet in Heaven.

Yes, let me share to you the unforgettable moments  I rode in cars with the boys of my life.

1. My first Beatles experience. If you are really a reader of my blog, you would notice that The Beatles always leave a mark in any entry (well, depends). My dad had his old Mustang tuned up and we would have roadtrips around the conyo setting of Ayala Alabang then just plainly listening to The Beatles. The era I wasn’t part of but my dad let me listen to it and oh boy it made me love vintage music and made me interested in music.


2. Playing the first album I bought with my own money, thanks to my cousin. It was Craig David’s album so to do the math, I was in 4th grade. He was the Drake of my 2000. Not to brag but really, I’m a rapper. And if I’m not rapping Nelly or T.I., you would see me rapping Mr. David. We were in Pagudpod, Ilocos Norte and of course our van had a CD-ROM drive so they got sick of Craig David.

3. Gambling because of Tamiya. Not the RnB singer. The 90s kids’ car racing hobby. I told you, I’m really not girly. I grew up with tons of boy-related games and toys. The first time my older brother introduced me to Tamiya, he actually bought me one. He surprised me on my 9th birthday. It was on the passenger’s seat and I was on my way to my classmate’s birthday party. Luckily, they also brought their Tamias so fuck yeah. Game face on.

4. Of course, the first kiss. I always imagined my first kiss to be under the mistletoe, having picnic in the park or during prom but no. I got it obviously from my first love. And yes I can quite say the first kiss really has a different feeling. He kissed me in the car (he wasn’t driving yet, we were so young. I was 14). He kissed me in the car where our relatives were also present taena landi. I think someone saw us though it was late already and whatever, hormones.


5. Drinking and riding with boys who were also high. My god I regret this night. I seriously think I was going to die. I was in junior year and one of my neighbors (also my schoolmate – so I was very accessible for them and that they would end my life any second). I didn’t know that this driver conyo rich kid was already high. He was driving too fast. I remember we stopped in 7 Eleven to buy beer and then seconds after, we were at his house. They were smoking marijuana and cracking on coke. I was just drinking my beer and praying to the gods and hoping that they did not put anything in my drink. I am still alive. We were only two girls and 3 boys. I wasn’t raped. There was no sex or any hormonal temptations. I was still myself, I was still whole. And I was the only one not under the influence. I’m a virgin, when it comes to drugs or marijuana. Or whatever dancing pill you call ’em.

6. Looking at the stars with my godfather and my best friend. We were doing this social work at a mountain in Baras, Rizal and we had to sleep there since we planned to go down to Manila the following morning. I remember the conversation very crystal since it was the first time I was with two boys looking at the stars and we were just simply talking about life. My godfather owns a pick-up truck so we were just laying there at the back of the truck the whole time. I remember him saying, “There is no better feeling than giving your life to someone and that, is each human’s purpose in this world. Sacrificing their life for others.”

7. The vulnerability of surrendering the white flag is memorable. I don’t want to be a hypocrite. It’s one of the most unforgettable and most realistic situation I can give because of this topic. I mean, who wouldn’t? Even if it means doing it over and over again with the wrong people, I still learn and still get benefit from it. Sometimes, it’s very tiring but what else can I do aside from not giving love, right?

8. House to house for my best buds. If I would try to count and compare the quantity of guy friends over girls, I’d really estimate that I have 20 very close guy friends and 10 close girl friends. Every night whenever we get the chance to drop off anyone after our gimmicks, it’s inevitable to do a carpool karaoke or even play the game of Categories – while eating pizza and chips.

9. Racing along Sucat is not a good idea. Or for at least my best friend’s brother. I remember that this was the time Jojo’s Baby It’s You was played in every radio station or is found in any Ipod playlist. All I remember was the adrenaline rush and my heart beat. I really thought I was going to die. I forgot how fast and I even forgot my life before that. I remember we almost hit someone crossing the street. It wasn’t a chicken, thank god.

10. I’d give my last number to the ordinary drivers I get to ride everyday. May it be from PUVs or even the company drivers, I learned a lot from them. I got to know their lives and their inspiration why they still manage to choose driving as a big part of their life. I easily melt for people who are very hard working at the same time who looks old and smells bad, (hahaha since I would really pity them more and give vindication to make them look at the same level) though anyway, what am I saying?

And if there’s one more ride I would like to experience, it would be accelerated by the Lord to help me and to keep me going.

I’m tired of riding cars with boys who will just drive me crazy and lead me to the wrong path.

My last ride will be with Him.


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