Consistency Is The Key-lay

I just don’t understand other women.

At first, they pluck their eyebrows and pluck them like there’s no tomorrow. When they think it’s not enough, they draw a pseudo eyebrow and then when it’s too dark or too thick – they erase and pluck some again.

But indecisive women are not the point here. Perhaps.

Consistency is a word that has been running through my mind. It keeps running and it’s losing weight already. Buti pa si consistency, tumatakbo at nababawasan ng timbang. Ako, sige kain pa rin.

Consistency is a word used too often but rarely practiced.

  1. Consistency with my blog theme – Hi! From this indecisive woman! I think I just changed my blog theme a month ago and then I changed it again. Pfft. I don’t know why I chose pink as the color before. I know I like aquatic colors and since I’m a mermaid, I have to be consistent with it! And even Aysa was shocked because my site became colorful. Pfft again. I was in a rush looking for a new theme so there. But now, it suits me well. I remember Kat having struggles with her blog identity (don’t worry Kat, we have those times *wink*). I think I found the perfect way to describe me as a person. A jellyfish? Because there are times that I get jealous? Nawp. Nope. My name is No – Meghan Trainor. Please let me explain. I chose the jellyfish photo because as you do research (and thanks to Wikipedaya), jellyfish are “the most energy efficient swimmers of all animals”. You guys do know that I love the waters – I love swimming. You can bring me anywhere deep as long as I’m swimming and floating. I even want to try swimming with sharks. So anyway, since I’m a very energetic kind of person and I just go with the flow PLUS! I swim because I exercise my breathing so it’s a double purpose. Effciency *nodding and winking* haba ng explanation punyeta
  2. Consistency with cookies – Angelica Pickles is a cookie lover. That’s why, yes, she is my profile photo here in WordPress. I never forget to eat cookies as my dessert/merienda or even my breakfast! Depends on my mood. I can eat a whole jar of cookies as long as its filled with cream/vanilla/cream cheese that will lead you to the reason why for #3.

    Taken just this afternoon after my lunch
  3. Consistency being an anti-chocolate monster – I never liked chocolates! Eww gross goowee eweee puhlees! Yes, I’m a hater for chocolates, especially those dark ones! I cannot stand eating it for even seconds! So to those who try to give me chocolate during Valentine’s (haha nag-feeling talaga), just please give me cookies – a bouqet of cookies! :)
  4. Consistency saying goodbye to an old habit – Six days and then like putang ina it is so hard! Ever since I stopped smoking, my throat always feels dry, I keep on drinking water (which is actually a good thing) and I keep on taking a pee (my urine isn’t dark yellow Coldplay anymore TMI hehe). It’s even harder during this season since it’s raining and my friends and I keep on drinking coffee – super perfect weather humithit ng yosi. This is what I look like! Feels like naa-anjebs! Though very proud I lasted for 6 days bwahaha!

    My gad nakakabaliw. Ang hirap! Pero kakayanin! Ganyan ka-stress hairlaloo ko mga bes
  5. Consistency with the shape of my heart – Hi Nick Carter! Well, after all the kinds of hell I went through with my previous relationship, my heart is now closed, tightened and locked. I promised myself to take care of it, to not easily fall in love again and to really protect it by all means. If this guy is not consistent talking to me or really pursuing me, then don’t – I won’t chase you, I am not Chace Crawford. You have to prove your worthiness. But if I laid out my cards to you that this is me, a single parent, etc. – and you’re good with it, why not right?  *insert Tuloy Pa Rin song c/o of McDonald’s*
  6. Consistency with our new administration – Feels so good watching the news lately and feels so good not regretting the President I voted! We should keep on praying for change to start within us and let the new administration take care of the rest. Seeing Baclaran and Divisoria being cleaned up every morning, seeing drug lords getting killed everyday, seeing Bato making us laugh, and seeing our President and the rest of his gang not being VIPs during a basketball game. Now, that’s hopefully a consistency of humility and discipline.
  7. Consistency with US Politics – I know I’m a Filipino but I cannot NOT react with the news regarding Clinton’s emails because I think, we can relate as Filipinos especially having dirty politics. If she really did any fraud or anything illegal of having secret information with regards to an access with certain classified documents WHICH was last year, why only pull them out now? I smell the Republican cooking something distasteful with some pie in it! Now that’s American Pie, American Lie.
  8. Consistency with sports – Gilas did their best. I don’t watch basketball anymore. I stopped watching basketball when Cardona until Casio left the UAAP and when Duncan (I’m a Spurs fan btw), stopped in the hall of championships. Even if we’re not part of Rio, Gilas will always be a part of our history. Basta ituloy ang magandang defense at footwork, makakaahon tayo at para sa ekonomiya.
  9. Consistency on not locking your work pc – Punyeta talaga! As in punyeta! Never will I leave my pc open. Last time I left it open, my boss emailed the whole team that I will be treating them dinner. Now, Caloy (one of our co-workers but resigned already – it was his last day today though he’s really part of the Pasay team) visited the office. I left my desk and did a job offer, when I came back. And take note, this Skype group has all the bosses of the 3 South Sites. This is what I saw: screenshot_2016-07-07-22-21-59.pngscreenshot_2016-07-07-22-22-05.pngscreenshot_2016-07-07-22-22-20.png
    Rae, Anje, Nancy, Caloy, Shie and Gigi


  10. Consistency with Robert Downey Jr. – I am not a fan of superhero movies. If you would ask me who’s my favorite superhero, I’d answer in an instant, The Punisher! But but but if there are chosen movies that I watch, those would only be about any Avenger. I just don’t like the news that Downey might stop being Iron Man and there will be a new actor. Nooooooooooooo </3 I’ve had enough heartbreaks!

So can you count how many ‘consistency’ words are in this post? And how consistent I was typing the word?

Effort ako masyado. Maka-Rappler lang ako sa mga kwento ko.


26 thoughts on “Consistency Is The Key-lay

  1. The intro reminded me that I needed to have my brows groomed asap! Haha. Congrats on quitting smoking! I quit cold turkey in 2013 and tried it again two months ago—I didn’t like it anymore. Kadiri na haha! So go go go, kaya mo ‘yan. :)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha! Wow, see how efficient of a jellyfish I am?! Just kidding. ;) ay nako! Everyday para akong baliw. Everytime I see someone smoling, I cry and laugh at the same time. 😂 I tried quitting last Dec 2015 but I wasn’t able to handle it. Sana this time, I can. Please pray for me 😂 thanks Jolens for reading 😁

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Shette hindi ako malakas kay Lord! Haha. Ang ginagawa ko dati naggu-google ako ng negative effects ng smoking. Mga cancer, pictures ng naaagnas na lungs, ganyan. Motivation! Hahaha. Good luck sa ‘yo! :)

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I like your new theme!!! :D Naalala ko sa office, need din talaga mag lock ng pc kung hindi naku, kung anu ano na na-type ng mga office mate ko. :P Gusto ko lang din mag thank you sa pagiging consistent amazing online friend! mwah xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Kat! :) Kaya nga eh. Pero nakakatuwa naman kasi ibig sabihin, love nila tayo hahaha! Ano ka ba :) ako ang dapat mag-thank you for being an anonymous-ayaw-sabihin-kung-si-Aaron-ba-yung-sinasabi-mong-kilala-mong-friend online friend nyahaha <3

      Liked by 1 person

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