Happy Birthday: Robby Wobbles!

You are now 39, I cannot believe it.

Kidding of course. You’re just 5 months older than me, our friendship has lasted for 10 years and I haven’t seen you for 9-10 months I guess.

Enough of the math. This is supposed to be a birthday blog post since I’m sick of posting birthday greetings with photos in Facebook/Instagram/Twitter. I think blogging about your birthday is more sincere and personal. Yun ang akala mo. Hahaha

Anyway, to introduce Mr. Robbie…

The photo above, I stole from Lauren. This was the day I was not able to hang out with them but they surprised me and visited me at home! :) they brought ice cream and Japan pasalubong from Luig. [Located at the food trucks in BF that I think is not running anymore] (2015)
He was my classmate back in Junior Year (high school) so that was 2006. I really don’t remember how we started talking but since we’ve been in school since prep, I kinda knew him already because he belonged to the honor class. Belonged because they removed the honor classes during Sophomore year so these nerds (hahaha sama) were scattered (scattered talaga at hindi distributed) among us. But, it was worth it. We always have that stereotype with these Asian nerds (haha sorry na talaga – Mean Girls way of saying), but Robbie, aside from being so intelligent, he is also talented. At some point, I think I took advantage of his talent and until now hindi pa ako bayad sa utang ko sa kanya dahil ipinag-drawing ko siya ng isang superhero pang-regalo sa ex ko dati. Shit, sorry! Babayaran ko na yun, swear. Hahaha! Well, fine fine. I think I also TRIED copying from him during exams. I really do not remember. Hahaha!

Robbie’s really a good and true friend. One text away, you can easily hang out with him because he just lives villages away from me but we don’t get to see each other that often. He’s always there, need him or not.

If I would take down all the memorable hang outs we had since high school, there were a lot but I only have these old photos left (I think I stole from friends as well, and it was seen in Multiply back then that I wasn’t able to save photos huhuhu).

The photo below was taken 10 years ago. Huhuhu ang tanda mo na Robbie.

Luig’s 16th birthday (2006) [Kebo, Robs, Lauren, Paolo, Anje, Crissie and Xavier]
Please do not laugh. Super baduy ng porma namin, sorry. Ang chaka ko pa okay. :(

We all had this jeje/totoy/nene look okay?

Ohmy! Let me share to you this unforgettable moment. It was all because of the movie, 300.

In school, we are not allowed to go out unless we have this gate pass wherein basta, gate pass okay. To cut the story short, you can only ride with the ones you really carpool with or with the school bus itself. Other than that, manigas ka kakaantay ng magsusundo sa’yo. So anyway, since Town was “quite” near to our school, we decided to walk from school. I think it was me Isko, Luig and Robbie who jumped at the backyard of the school! Hahaha! I think it was 8ft. (Please correct me if I’m wrong Robs). So we walked all the way from school to Town, may sprain ako. Oo, as in iika-ika ako. Rebels \m/ so the whole 2 weeks, I was wearing slippers in school. My mom knew about what I did I think, a month after. I just stalled my way out of a very cute white lie. Teenagers.

The photo below was taken at Isko’s house. I think this was also 2006 in Isko’s room. I forgot what video game were they playing. There’s a group photo of this one that I cannot find and since we’re celebrating Robbie’s 40th birthday, we have to focus on him.

Mara, Robs and Anje (I cannot believe nahalukay ko pa ito)

And this is my favorite photo of him. Siyempre, kasama niya inaanak niya! I think he was the “official” photographer of Alessandra’s baptism. Hehe


Again, happy happy birthday to the Ninong of my daughter, to the artist, photographer, toy collector, at marami pang iba! I wish you good health (even if obviously you have). I wish your tita to bake pastries and your mom to cook more pastas (I miss them). I wish to see you soon or, any birthday dinners? Hahaha! You deserve all the blessings you have right now daddeh! You are very hard working and passionate when it comes to your work so, yeah! Happy birthday!!!

Since it’s his birthday, and since may utang ako…


To visit his website, click here

Here are his sample works:



Gaganda diba? :) Visit his site now! :)

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