Hello? Ate Girl? Chappy ka.

“Hello? Chappy ka Anje.”

“Oo, alam ko. I really have chappy lips.”

Well girls, the first ever proof that we are about to enter puberty is having chappy lips. Feeling ko lang.

When I was in the 3rd grade, as for the ceremony of the Star Scout kemerloo, (Star Scouts are the babies of Girl Scouts – meron ba kayong ganito?) as of what I remember, the girl scouts were the ones putting my lipstick. If I vividly remember, it was Inna Bautista (Inna Revilla, son of Bong Revilla) and her friends telling me, “Oh my gosh! Gusto ko ako ang maglagay ng lipstick sa kanya! She has cute cute lips!” Hay. Bata palang, pinagaagawan na at babae pa! At anak pa ng pulitiko at artista at kung sino pang businessman. Siyempre, I had to remain humble. CHARAUGHT. Okay, I felt like that compliment started to break down the opposed walls of my being.

I started getting windburns when I was in 5th grade. Windburn po, at hindi herpes. Malinaw? I really don’t know why. All I know is since I was little, my skin has been sensitive. I even remember having a solo shot for the yearbook and my god, it was so embarassing! It’s like I had black lipstick on (black and white kasi ang papel ng yearbook dati). I was very allergic to bagoong and eggs (thank god, hindi sa cookies – ikamamatay ko!). But knowing an advice from such, they told me to just keep eating them to be immuned. Luckily, after a few years, I wasn’t allergic anymore.

My question is still this, how did I even get a windburn in the first place? Tanggap ko yung skin allergy ko due to bagoong and eggs but, windburn? Really? So I started using petroleum jelly because my sister said so. I think all of us siblings have this skin allergy depending on the food. Again, lucky not being allergic to fries nor pizza – I’d die.

At first, petroleum jelly is quite effective. After I take a shower and before I go to sleep, I put some. Though, not all the time it is that helpful so I tried searching more jelly lippies to help pump up this gratifying beauty.

If you have chappy lips, or you have a worse problem than mine, buti nga sayo. Charing. Here are my suggested products, based from experience:

The least product that I would recommend, is Chapstick.

It’s okay to use ChapStick but please, maybe that’s why your lips are really chipping off is because you are using the said “chapstick” above. It is Kikoman flavored. So how can soy sauce help your lips to be smooth? Wag shunga te.

I used ChapStick for just a while. Correct me if I’m wrong but even if this product is one of the most known lip care products, it really does not help lessen the dilemma. Yes, it has numerous flavors, protects you from the sun, etc. but it does not protect you from your hormones. Kidding aside, it lightens your lip but not for a long time. Maybe after 2-3 hours, you’ll feel your lips are dry again. Again, I am just sharing my experience with ChapStick. We might have different types of lips. Yours – hormonal, mine – kissable.

So since that incident happened, na turn-off ako na baka puro pa-media lang itong product na ito. I tried searching for another substitute for ChapStick that I can put in my pocket na solid petroleum na talaga. So, answered prayers for having a pocket-sized Petroleum Jelly!

It’s okay to use Petroleum Jelly but I would suggest not to exceed the use. I only use PJ (pausong tawag) as I mentioned above, after I take a shower or before I sleep. I use it after taking a shower because I feel that as long as I’m fresh, it’s effective (pauso ko lang ulit ito okay). I use it before I sleep because at least when I’m sleeping, I don’t have time to talk (unless I do sleep talk but no) so it has all its time to savor my undeniable sexy lips. I also use Petroleum Jelly (pwede bang PJ nalang, humahaba lalo ang entry ko), whenever there are parts in my face that dries up after it’s soaked in water.

Have you tried Human Nature products? My mom, sister and I are actually users but not members. I know in Human Nature, it’s like Avon that you can buy and sell stuff. Anyway, we started buying products in Human Nature because of Alessandra. They have these baby products which are really organic and harmless to the environment, I mean the baby hahaha! I discovered that they don’t only cater to vulnerable baby skin but to any of age! I tried buying their lip balm…

My experience with this product is it’s better than ChapStick when it comes to the “long lasting” feeling I was looking but if you don’t use it, let’s say for 4-5 days, the balm itself dries up. I think you really have to utilize it while it lasts. I tried the Pink Orchid.

Since I wasn’t still satisfied with the lippies I found, nilawayan ko nalang yung labi ko nang matapos na. Chos!

Good thing that my sister’s officemate discovered this lip care when she went to Thailand a year ago. Well, I thought there’s nothing bad in trying so me and my sister asked a favor to treat our tickets to Thailand, just kidding. We asked if she could try buying us at least 2 lip cares since we were just going to try the product anyway and…

Voila! I fould my lip care soulmate!

Carmex has different flavors and has that “long lasting” feeling I’ve been wanting to feel! Even if I’m done with my bath already, or done brushing my teeth, or even done eating – it still stays! And I have my lippy for a month now and it still hasn’t dried up! Yay! :) I’m just so happy to share this with you girls, (or guys, or gays) especially with the current weather we’re experiencing right now – bed weather or cuddle weather. Your lips will really stay dry. Siyempre, you also need this while making out! Kahit inubos na ng jowa mo ang labi mo kakahalik sa’yo, meron paring Carmex na matitira! Ganun siya kalupet mga bes, okay?

Carmex comes in different sizes and flavors. Please click here to visit their site.

If you disagree with some of the reviews here, it’s okay :) please comment below if you have any BETTER lip care product ideas! I’d appreciate it!

If ayaw mo parin ng mga suggestions ko, magpa-Belo ka nalang.

Di bale nang may balbas ako sa gilid ng aking bibig, kissable naman at hindi na chappy ang lips! ;)

Source: instagram.com/unjellanera

This is not a paid advertisement.

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7 thoughts on “Hello? Ate Girl? Chappy ka.

  1. Hala nagchchap din ang lips ko. Dry. Magkano yang Carmex? Gamit ko ngayon yung Vaseline na parang PJ na lip therapy daw hehehe. Ewan ko wala naman yatang difference. Hilig ko pa naman sa matte lippy lalo nagddry lips ko.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ay! Hehe hindi ko pa na-try yung Vaseline. Okay ba? :) P175 siya dear. hehehe okay lang siguro overnight mo lagay yung jelly tapos kung mag matte lipstick ka the next day. I would suggest mag Happy Skin products ka para sa mga lipsticks :)

      Liked by 1 person

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