Movie Dick: The Shallows

I love the ocean, but I don’t know how to surf. Last time I checked my skills in surfing, I could not even bring myself up the board. I love sharks, that’s one of the things you can find in my “Anje’s Weird List for Salvation.” I’ve always wanted to have a pet shark. I’m not fucking kidding.

HOT NIYA NOH? :> Pero alam ko (and malamang) may double daw siya when doing the movie.                  [Source: Google]
But other than the ocean and sharks, the one thing great about this film is my woman hot momma crush, Blake Lively. I’ve been in awe of her ever since Sisterhood and Gossip Girl.

Oh, there are guns in this movie as well. What a time to be alive!

It’s jam packed during the first few scenes because you know a shark is going to appear any minute.. . Yet since I love sharks, I did not have that feeling. Hindi naman kasi anaconda kaya kering keri ni ate girl.

Source: Google

I expected this movie to be the same as others. Remember Dark Waters, Sand Sharks and Blue Demons? Those were the worst shark movies I have ever watched! Honestly, I really thought this would just be the same plot. The two most important characters paved their way to give justice to the film. Even if there were only 6 human characters in total, it all made sense since this was an issue about survival.

Not only was it about survival due to a shark but it has those (and you cannot take this away from any movie) drama flutters about family and friendship. Yes, it was the friendship between Nancy and the shark. Just kidding.

With Blake’s character (Nancy), her knowledge when it came to medical instances, that was a plus. She had all these impromptu logical efforts of making something out of nothing. Second, she was really considered a swimmer since she knows how to count the lapses of the swim itself, human or not. Third, Physics. (Omg, I remember failing Physics before and why didn’t I even use the ocean as an example?! Haha!) I think it wasn’t really Physics, but math. I just had to say physics because it sounded better. Next, the buoy was and always be the last resort (taking away the idea of the boat and the drunk fatass who stole her things – but, wanted to be the hero in the end I suppose). I thought I predicted how the shark would die but nope, nope, nope.

Source: Google

Minutes before the movie ends, they will focus your attention on their chase so you’d be forgetting how the hell will she escape or even kill the shark – if she had the chance.

The last scene with the bird was very symbolic. I think it was a symbol of peace and it represented Nancy.

Actually, kung hindi dahil sa GoPro, hindi magiging successful ito kaya salamat sa iyo, isa kang alamat at bagay ang pangalan mo, GoPro Hero. Hahahaha!

Oh, Jaws ko. Matutulog na ako. Gusto ko na mapaginipan yung cutiepie na shark!! :)

And dahil feeling critic ako, I give this movie: 6.8 blood dripping out of 10 shark bites.

And saan nanggaling ang .8?


Sa sobrang ganda ng joke ko, naiyak sya. [Source: Google]
*It’s been a while since my last Movie Dick post. I think, the last one was a volume because I gave a review to 5 movies.

**Funny before doing this post, I saw Lady‘s entry about Shark Awareness Day.


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