Samsong and Debanda: Haim, HONNE and Halsey

There are 3 H’s that I’m currently having eargasm to. I don’t know if it’s just coincidence but I just discovered that they have the same initials when I was browsing through my YouTube last searches.

Then I planned to write something about them, and recommend it to you guys to tuck ’em for the weekend.


Alana, Danielle and Este Haim [Source: Google]
I discovered this American pop rock band from LA because of Taylor Swift’s Instagram. We all know how her squad and Haim’s a part of it (they celebrate holidays together), but still I am #TeamCalvin. I was never a Swiftie, only Alessandra. I never liked Taylor and her drama. I guess T Swift would not hang out with very low quality artists so I started watching their live concerts on YouTube. They did not fail me.

By the way, it’s pronounced as HAYEM not Heim.

A band composed of three sisters and one drummer (not sure if he’s a relative) Alana Haim (guitar, keyboards, percussion), Danielle Haim (guitar, drums and vocals) and Este Haim (guitar and bass). Now you know why I admire this band. They can play more than two instruments in one song, simultaneously. Another thing I find appealing is the way their music sounds. It harmonizes the 70s era or what you call, bringing-back-the-coolness-of-your-parents’-adulthood era. If ever you happen to watch set of their videos, it is shaped by a vintage touch (which I really like!)

The first video that I’m going to share is my favorite video. They were just jamming in a music festival with an instrument of their own and their voices. The amazing thing about this video are the voices which were really a feast. Regardless of the instruments, their performance is really a homerun. Like basically, this is the type of people you really want to hang out with while grilling barbecues and drinking beers. Pure talent, not all drama like Taytay. ;)

Go Slow

The second video, I got this from the first concert of them that I watched via YouTube hell cannot watch ’em live– iTunes Festival 2013. I think this was their head start.  Not bad for starters or for an EP pioneer, it all went straight to the core.


The last video that I’m going to share is another live excerpt from the Red Bull Sound Space. I’m running out of descriptions already so just, watch it. Hahaha!



Source: Google

Thanks to very good friends who also have very good taste in music. They recommended me this artist because they noticed I love listening to bedroom voices and sexy lyrics (nyahaha). If you’re looking for an electronic-soul hormonal music, HONNE is for you. This British duo can be compared to The Weeknd’s inflection with a twist of Downton Abbey (haha). Sometimes, seems like I’m listening to Hozier (ooh, another H) but like he’s singing while making love to you. Not, in a funeral way of singing though.

They started early in their baby making music career around 2014. They released just one studio album with 4 EPs. They’re really considered as a duo although when touring, they have four more members to nourish the vocals, drums, bass and FOH.

There are two videos that I would like to share. This first video is the first song of them I listened to because the title caught my attention.

Warm On A Cold Night

The next video is my favorite because of the duet with Izzy Bizu my gosh her voice is such an angelic cadet! I’ll try to binge listen to Izzy Bizu if I have time and check if I can do a review.

Someone That Loves You


Source: Google

I don’t know where Halsey gets her voice. She’s only 22 and she sings like a monster. Thanks to Justin Bieber, she ain’t underground anymore. Have you watched their performance on the Today’s show? Man, that killed millions of Jelena fans.

Her name isn’t really Halsey. It’s her real name spelled backwards, Ashley that’s me! (Amanda Bynes). Hahaha! She started performing her dyanmic electropop talent back in 2014. She monopolized my ears in a way that I can’t get out of her relatable lyrics mind you, Tove Lo is still my spirit animal. Since everyone I guess recognizes my love for rapping, this is one hell of a songwriter you should be rapping your Mondays to! What makes her more awesome is she’s a mix of Italian, Hungarian, African and American! No wonder why her voice is unrivaled. Most of the time, she’s being compared to Ellie Goulding but, I’m more pleased with Halsey’s voice and songs. Medj nakakaumay na si Ellie Goulding hahaha!

Here are her videos. And after listening to it, I’m sure it will empower you, not just your mood but your personality as well. ;)


Hold Me Down



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