For the whole month of June and July, I cannot be more thankful.

I’ve been shitting butterflies, puking rainbows and feeling like a unicorn.

Yep, the illustration below really suits me. I’m in Cloud 9 ❤

Source: pinterest

Friends who undeniably restored me back to gaining faith and trust to other people because there are really people who fuck with me and I swear to god never fuck with me still I chose to forgive those asswipes. Friends who inevitably showed me the correct path that just because they smoke, doesn’t mean I should smoke too thanks for not giving me even one stick when I badly wanted to. Friends who would call me in the middle of the night, ask me what I’m doing and I should just go and have a drink with them when I can’t since it’s mommy duties but instead they would crash my house and bring me my favorite fast food. Friends who I haven’t seen in a year but still manage to share their stories very very simple stories or even funny videos just to make my day more crazy. Friends who keep their ears open with all of my corny jokes and crush stories that even if I pinch or slap them too hard, there is no medic needed. Friends who fucking flood my Viber/WhatsApp/Messenger and even SMS with non-sense topics but still they keep me going, feeling like I’m a teenager again without the smoking hehe. Friends who have supported me through pain and gain and literally let me eat a lot, so I really gained a lot. Weighing scale was a bit painful.







Extended family who never ever left me behind. Extended family who kept my spiritual, mental, emotional and intellectual aspects all in balance though I know I am not mentally stable just kidding. Extended family who kept on teasing me with snakes even if I so fucking hate that retarded reptile they’re the only ones I never have the guts to be pissed at because they have these super powers that whatever taunt or tease they do, I know I cannot stand not forgiving them. Extended family who loves my daughter so much up to the point that the only thing left is registering their surnames in my daughter’s birth certificate but sadly, does not fit in a legal document. Extended family who has brought me nothing but love, faith and hope for my individual growth and skills to continue loving people, mostly those who are sick and in need am I not sick enough having the chance and be forced to eat my hatest Filipino food, puto.





Special person who never ever ever ever has the idea that I like him so much but I will never tell him unless he tells me. Special person who never knows what kind of sunshine he has brought to my life a different color of sunshine, actually all the colors! Special person who is not a special child seems one though but if you like someone, you gotta like his flaws too damnit. Special person who doesn’t know what kind of blush and light he brings to my face every hour of the day it’s either he’s a make-up artist or a photographer, he’s really good at his modeling job. Special person who never fails to make me laugh guys it’s really plus points if you smell good but it’s more plus points if you make your girl laugh so hard she shits butterflies and pukes rainbows. Special person who does not know how special he is sometimes I want to tell him but I tell myself, nah – let the right time tell its tale but please do no take the toll on me – a good foundation of friendship is always the key to a lasting relationship. Special person who, I hope, reads this but please do not assume you are this right away, I am still a lady/woman/girl/shy/obsessed person who wants to guard her heart after 2 out of 5 dickheads broke it. Special person who I want to build a trust with but won’t do it for the sake to be liked or loved in return – just expressing my due thoughts because I really like you. P.S. I am not in love with you, just yet.


Alessandra who I love so dearly, I’d die to save you my greatest blessing even if sometimes I die out of your cuteness and I melt because of your smile. Alessandra who I miss everyday, I think about you every milisecond even if their is this thing called space time continuum and why am I even talking about science? All I know is that you have my genes, you have my blood but I still don’t like Biology as a subject especially when we talk about the X and Y chromosomes. Alessandra who makes me forget my stress, problems and the whatnot for as long as you stop throwing me a snake stuffed toy sometimes I don’t know how to react – honey, why are you so brave that you can even hold a real snake, or that you’re so interested with them? Alessandra who I love taking pictures of but I won’t post it everyday on Facebook because sometimes just having a picture of you in my mind makes my brain cells shit butterflies and puke rainbows. Alessandra who knows how much I’m proud of, starting to be participative thank god we can leave her in school and she’s brave to walk through the hall of shame just kidding baby. Alessandra who is the first ever person that gave me a second chance to live life to the fullest and made me appreciate life though I still kill kids in Sims when I adopt a kid I really don’t like. 




Ang itim ko dito hahaha



Other RBUs for the day:

  • Little Mix who made me dance like a 90s fangirl again. I love you Jade!! 
    • I still love the Spice Girls and I like Little Mix better than Fifth Harmony 
  • Co-workers who were very helpful today since I was assigned in the front desk – had to encode 84 entries for 60% had comprehension issues Lord help me tomorrowwp-1465361396604.jpg
  • A new restaurant who does not serve rice meals just beside our office and oh boy their soft opening is quite tricky because you can pay any amount you want so does this mean that it isn’t delicious? I did not buy.
  • Taylor Swift finally falling out of the limelight and drinking lime and tonic because of her diva personality but your voice isn’t really diva honey. I knew it Miley Cyrus has always been better than you – you egoistic piece of shit.
  • Trying some new TV Series (Homeland, The Night Of, Mr. Robot and Born For You hahaha) during the weekend and tonight but I did not even finish half of the episode because Alessandra’s sick with colds and yeah, she got it from her momma
  • Funny married people who are not married to each other but might be a couple couple of shits who try to tease each other then tease me for the sake of vindicating a past you bring an enormous smile to my face and it just proves how happier I am now and why I deserve all of the rainbows and butterflies and why you deserve to meet each other to fuck around or cheat behind your spouses. Please continue the bashing or teasing, I love eating buttered popcorn oh, I guess your spouses would like popcorn from me? 😅 (If messing up people’s lives make you happy then go ahead 👍I pity your husband and your wife. Tsk tsk.)
  • No oreos but Dewberry helped me a bit even if I was craving everyday for the best cookies in the world I was not able to buy – I think this was my substitute for smoking. Drowning myself in Oreos. 
  • No cigarette cravings since Saturday. Hallelujah!
  • This coming Friday is a first for me. Six months in the making. Yes, I waited this long for it to happen and I regret not doing this back in January. I could’ve been happier and less stressed. May umepal kasi (at epal parin) kaya di ko na nagawa but nowwwwww yaaaay! 
  • Sleep all I ever wanted. 


  • Ang haba na nito 😬

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8 thoughts on “RBUs

  1. Your face looks so young to be a mother. Hehe. BTW, you are so lucky to have real friends. Ang hirap makahanap ng totoong kaibigan na kagaya ng sayo so you are really blessed.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww Karen, thank you for the compliment? I’m 25 already so I think I’m at the right age to be a mom! Hahaha! And thanks for noticing and I am not going to deny, yes I have such good and true friends. I can never ask for more :’) <3


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