Ahoo! Ahoo! Chips Ahoo!


Yes, I know. Some of the accounts that are following me are just ghost accounts or some even follow me (mostly foreigners) who like my Filipino posts which is a-okay hope Google translates it correctly.

Yes, I know. There are way better bloggers who write better than me and who have more followers than me. For me, having 300 is an achievement because it means there are 300 people who get trapped by my otherworldly mind and my deviant thoughts that’s why I rated my blog as R.

Yes, I know. The number of followers are not important but at some point, coming across very delightful bloggers who would take the time I would say out of the 300, maybe only 17% really do read my entries but again it’s okay to click, follow or even to read/scan such angelic thoughts, makes my heart skip a beat already. I really do think following my blog is an advantage for others because you get to have a free meal from the old fridge we had 6 years ago.

Really, I would just like to send my love and appreciation to these 300 followers where 15 are active commenters/likers/readers,  85 are just scanning it through some may not be even active bloggers anymore, like ever since 3 years ago and the 200 dummy accounts I don’t know how do you get to understand some of the Tagalog terms I type <3

Source: Google



Hoping to share more fun and rainbow stories to you!

Achoo! Achoo! I have colds, so I’ll be saying goodnight now my WordPress beauties. :)

Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart <3


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