Last Weekend of July 2016

So here’s a recap of my weekend asifyoucare

Friday, Alessandra’s First Field Trip (Museo Pambata)

For those who haven’t seen the video, please click here :) do not expect, hindi ako professional mag-edit haha


I was too excited for this. I mean, who wouldn’t be excited with his or her child’s first field trip? Pero ako talaga yung excited kasi matagal na akong hindi nakakaranas ng field trip chos. I don’t know why but at some point, I still feel that I apply my ‘how tos’ with Sandra.


Whenever I pack for a trip, I always ready minutes before I leave. I’m really not a planner, I hate planning and I’m the type of person who just puts everything in the bag. So yep, I organized her things an hour before we left home since her school is just 5-10 minutes away.


When we arrived, Teacher Sab instructed us that we can directly go to the bus. I really had fun during the trip because she kept on dancing Wheels on the Bus I was quite afraid at first ’cause she might feel nauseous or feel like crying since it’s her first bus trip.

I dedicate this photo to my fellow bloggers hehehe this is our corner! :)

Good thing, the movie played in the bus was Hello Panda aytangina mali Kung Fu Panda pala hahahah nagugutom na ako, sorry nemen. So she enjoyed but she fell asleep. We can’t bring any food nor beverage inside the museum so I woke her up 15mins before we arrived she likes drinking milk more instead of eating but I also packed pastries for her that I think I will eat.


Just to summarize, it’s like I was a kid again. I kept on telling myself during the whole trip, “Shit talaga, alam ko nakapunta na ako dito eh!” I think I was in prep when we went here though I was looking for the big plane/helicopter not sure maybe it was a different place. In the souvenir shop, I let her choose what she wants as a memorabilia for her trip, she chose an electric guitar toy. Rakista talaga, mana sa akin – color green pa! ;)

Cute ng pata niya noh? :D

Saturday, Roy Abraham’s Christening (Sanctuario de San Antonio Parish)

I woke up at 6AM because Aaron told me that we’re going to meet in Starbucks BF around 8AM and well since Starbucks is just walking distance from my house, I decided to wake up at 630AM because I’m not yet done wrapping my gift – kung makapag sabi ng wrapping, eh ilalagay ko lang naman sa paper bag tapos susulatan ko ng happy christening keme.

I checked my Viber and they were messages from Aaron around 3:40 AM:

“Anje, pakigising ako ng 7 please. Hahaha sorry sa pressure.”

Aba aba aba. Gumimmick pa si Mokong. I asked myself, paano ko siya gigisingin eh wala namang signal sa bahay nila. I just called him sa Viber. Whew, thank god he woke up. We don’t want to be late again because we were late during Isaiah’s Christening hahaha.

And then when he was near Starbucks BF, he texted me:

“Tang ina Anje, naiwan ko regalo ko for Roy hahaha”

Puyat pa more. Gimmick pa more.

When we arrived in Sanctuario, we chilled at Starbucks first kahit bumili na kami ng kape sa BF, bumili nalang kami ng breakfast sa Sanctuario kasi magyoyosi siya and kailangan namin tumambay and waited for Migz. Thank god I wasn’t craving for a cigarette. I’m really really really proud of myself <3 We thought Migz was having his breakfast at Sanctuario because he told us to meet him there. Aba’y sa KFC pala sa may Comembo siya kumakain.


So we hung out from 930-1030AM.

Migz: Dalawa kasi simbahan diyan. Baka walang parking dun sa church mismo so lakarin nalang natin dun.

Anje: Sure ka? Feeling ko naman may parking kasi church naman yun

Aaron: Sige lakarin nalang natin

Okay, so we walked. But first, Miguel had to take photos para daw may bago siyang profile pic. Nakanangtoots.


Eh putangina. Wala namang dalawang simbahan. Yung entrance ng simbahan malapit kung saan kami nakapark. *slow clapping for Migz* umabot tuloy kami sa colambarium hahaha. Pinagod niya lang kami.

My gosh, we were so full because of the lunch. The lunch was in Friday’s Glorietta. As much as I want to eat more because everyone knows the bbbackribs and pasta and everything is good in Friday’s we cannot finish our food anymore hahaha!

So, a photo with the squad before we leave.

Ang nakapikit na si Kimmie, Aaron B, Anje, Baby Cutie Kakagigil Roy, Mommy Sofie, Aaron N. and Migz

We had to wait for Maica (Migz’s friend) in Glorietta because they’re also heading to Las Piñas.

While waiting, tengene kape nanaman hahaha plus Joanna and Heidi

We forgot our red velvet cake souvenirs huhuhuhu


Galing. Kami lang ni Aaron ang nag-wacky.
Isa nanaman pong biktima ng wrong spelling (hipster photo)

Sunday, Pamper Day

I woke up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy and went straight to the salon. I want to be first in line because I have lots to do at home. Also, I availed the free hair spa that’s why until now my hair still smells like raspberry  <3  <3  <3 and hindi na Marlboro Lights! Yay!

Yes, I cut my hair :( I don’t really like getting a haircut especially when it’s too short but I had to because:

  1. I have lots of falling hair (it got worse when I was pregnant)
  2. It’s so friggin’ hot then cold (I don’t understand the weather, it really makes my hair feel so icky)
  3. Hindi po ako galing sa break-up, I just want to have more volume for my hair kasi super straight lang, walang keme or arte (Trivia: Did you know that I never had highlights and never had my hair colored? Hahaha! Yes, because I don’t want. Kahit yun nalang yung virgin sa katawan ko charaught. As what I’ve observed with people who do the opposite, their hair gets damaged.)
Huhu super igsi. Sabi ng mga officemates ko kamukha ko na si Ginny sa Starting Over Again. Uhm, pwede si Piolo nalang kamukha ko?

Finally and literally finished Hele sa Hiwagang Hapis! Kasi for the past days, may parts na natutulugan ko eh.

Tinapos ko na talaga, sayang ang subscription haha. P199 din yun

Had to be an IT for the day to fix all of the keme files


I was so excited because my older brother and mom brought the slide home! This was my slide when I was a kid, and I’m so happy Sandra gets to play with it! Finally!

Whenever we tell her, “That’s mommy’s slide!” She responds with, “No, Sandra’s!”

May tape tape lang konti kasi nasira na namin to ng mga pinsan ko haha nakaka-nostalgic

Oh by the way, tapos na ang Julyna Magdangal so…

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