PoKIMon Hoe

Sorry, can’t think of a better and funnier title. I still have to give vindication to my username. And medyo kikay itong post ko – so not me.

So anyways, since there is no Pokemon Go available yet here in Manila, the urge in playing it made me go back to the only game I have ever installed in my phone, Kim Kardashian Hollywood but I really do miss playing Game Boy that’s why boys play the game on me charaught

Do you play this?


I sleep late because of this well if Alessandra and I are done playing. I don’t know what’s with it that keeps me so addicted pusher na ako, patayin niyo ako. I’ve tried searching tons of online games that could kill my boredom but fuck some games still need internet for you to play it but then again, I have no choice that’s why even if I have unlimited data in my plan, I still exceed the data usage damnit.

I think I started playing this a year ago because I saw my officemate playing it during our break. Hmm, really got me curious. I really do watch KUWTK but I really don’t get to watch it everytime there’s an episode. I just watch it when my sister watches it or when I get the chance to catch it on the television.

I never leveled up even when I first installed this last year. I’ve been always in the ‘E’ zone friendzone na nga, E zone pa dito ano na? Nganga. When you play Kim K Hollywood, you really have to follow the instructions given to you and you really have to update it once your task is ready.

They would have prompts like:

“Where has (name of your character) been up to? Hollywood misses you!”

Minsan nakakairita kasi, uhm pwedeng mag-work muna? Pwedeng mag-alaga muna ng anak? Pwede makipagusap muna kay crush? Luh demanding si Kim.

I’m still in this level. See? 3.7k palang! The guy in the screencap is Cassio, the club manager who wants to get laid with my character (at least I get laid here in this game)

So you really have to make a way to socialize and travel.

Speaking of socializing, you really have to gain lots of energy and charms for you to be able to meet and date people at least playing here, my date doesn’t ditch me like in real life (what Ken did – hi Ken! No offense BWAHAHA). Also, when expanding your network (if you don’t have enough charms) Kim, your Manager (Simon) or your publicist (Maria), will make little ways – and when I say little, very very little.

Just finished this last night: A birthday surprise for Simon (so nakatulugan ko nanaman kasi lola vibes na ako)

Speaking of travel, I’m really not into travelling but (hahaha) you get to see some beautiful places here like: Hollywood, Malibu, Las Vegas, Florence, Sydney, etc. And I’m not a party girl… Basically, I don’t even know why I’m playing this because it’s a total opposite of my personality.

Oh speaking of total opposite of my personality, you get to dress your character of course! It’s Kim K, fashion is a must! Though you really have to work hard I mean earn hard (you like it hard I know) for some outfits. It would really cost you a lot of money and charm for you to buy the most cool outfits. The awesome thing is, you get to change your whole style (including the hair) once in a while whenever you have an event (it would also increase your ‘glam’ keme)

I tried downloading Kendall and Kylie but I didn’t like the interface. It’s very slow and not user-friendly.

But if you do play Kendall and Kylie, tell me your feedback. I’d be glad to hear it – not.


7 thoughts on “PoKIMon Hoe

  1. May game pala na ganyan..hehe. By the way, Pokemon Go is already available here in Japan. I played it for a couple of days and uninstalled it. Kailangan online eh, don’t want to spend a lot on this. :D Candy Crush is still the best! hehe

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oo Sheryl! Download mo na! Hahaha para may kasama na akong addict! Hehe. EH DI KAYO NA!!! >:| haha. Never ko na type-an candy crush.

      Isa lang type ko, at siya yun <3 <3 <3


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