Punjdates: Volume 1

Puro Volume 1 keme nanaman ako tapos hindi nanaman masusundan. Baka yung pagaanak lang ang masundan.

Bad weather leads to lazy weather so I’m going to give updates while you lay down your asses doing nothing (at least for some who didn’t want to go to work today hehe)

I’m just going to be a little bit selfish to share you things that I have been doing the past days.


Badtrip. I really wanted to watch Bourne and Suicide Squad but, I ended up watching How to Be Yours… IT WAS GOOD! Hahaha! I was expecting it would be a typical story but no, the ending got me, “Shocks, ang cute! Hindi ko ineexpect!” Gusto kasi yung mga unpredictable movies or scenes so, okay siya for me :)

I find this movie very unique because usually, with other movies, it’s always the girl who’s in pain or broken, at least Star Cinema is not a feminist. Hahaha. This movie lets girls value the love of their guys – and how much they can also sacrifice. Ladies, hindi tayo parati ang nasasaktan okay? Nasasaktan din mga lalake.

This is my favorite scene:

Source: pinoyexchange.com

I watched it with my officemates and walang tao masyado sa sinehan. Like, 3 rows lang kami. Isa sa harap, kami tapos yung couple na gumagawa ng milagro sa likod.

SM BF lang kami para malapit sa office haha

Coffee, anyone?

TV Series

Netflix has been such a good go to when I-can’t-find-anything-good-to-watch to kill boredom. AND, if you’re really looking for quality series. So aside from Narcos,  American Crime Story, Mr. Robot and The Knick (HBO pala yung The Knick serry nemen)… Here’s one more:

(I want you to watch the trailer first)

I’ve told people in my life a thousand times that I am really not into sci-fi documentaries or movies, but this series really got me. I just finished  episodes 1-4 yesterday and boy does it really make you count chickens. 80s era, and I like the introduction! As much as I want to say more, I don’t want to spoil you. You all have to find it out yourselves ;)

If you would ask me who’s my favorite character a bit of pedophilia:

 Gaten Matarazzo as Dustin Henderson <3 He’s only 14 years old!!! He’s so cute!!! (now I want to have a baby boy any volunteers? Charaught)

Also, filling up my watcher’s apetite while waiting for HTGAWM and Game of Thrones. :(


I’m LSS with this song and you might want to get LSS with it as well. (Sabi nga ni Kat, catchy siya – I agree)

I’m a Halsey fan and collaborating with The Chainsmokers just made it more awesome. This song makes you think about the person you like may pagka-kilig factor talaga siya. Lalo na kapag hindi mo kausap crush mo tapos namimiss mo siya, pak ganern.


Well not really about work. Actually, we’re not having good foot traffic of applicants because of the weather so I’m here right now, blogging and waiting for few interviews though we’ve also been focusing on our presentation for our team building this coming 20th. Makati, Pasay and Sucat are counted as one group and we practiced last Sunday so here’s a photo of us (but incomplete because some did not attend the practice).

Marco, Gigi, Shie, Ms. Inna, me, Gelo, Louise, Arjoy, Arianne, Nancy, Cy, Ms. Pretz and Shel [Credits to Marco for this photo]
Cy suprised us with kisses! I don’t like chocolates though but this is such a sweet way of taking out all of our stress lately. Thanks Cy! <3

Oh diba, kahit sa work, WordPress parin ang nasa work pc ko


She’s going to have another field trip on September! Good gracious hindi sa Manila Zoo! as of now hindi sa Manila Zoo pero in time shit nakakatakot.

Oh by the way, did you know she’s a bully? I don’t know if she got “the bullying” from me but every time I arrive home kissing and hugging her, she makes a snake action with her hands and puts a lot of “Ssss” sound which isn’t really funny. I think she’s an exception and I can’t get mad at her. What if she starts going home late and tells me she’s going to do a “group project” and then I tell her she’s grounded then she does that snake action, how how how do I deal with it? Hahaha! Kalokang bata, so pilya!

I bought her big puzzles of her favorite Disney characters and I couldn’t be more proud! I just gave her the puzzles and I swear to god, she immediately finished the puzzles all by herself  don’t wanna be all by myself anymoooooooore – walang turo-turo fishball ganern

She has to hold a tissue roll and be independent because we’re both sick :(


How sweet of my extended family bringing me chocolates nanaman na hindi nga ako mahilig sa chocolates but it’s the thought that counts, sige na nga. Hahaha! Feeling ko miss na nila ako kasi matagal na akong hindi nagpapakita.

Especially kay Ate Anne, thank you <3


Funny talaga everytime I have conversations with the squad. :D


Pokemon Go

Enjoy na enjoy ako maglaro mga bes


Kailangan ko na siguro mag-delete ng maraming porn sa phone ko. Bwahaha

Dumalaw si Chunick sa amin last Saturday tapos ganito naging conversation:

Me: Omg babyboy salamat binisita mo kami!!!

: Hindi, may Pokestop kasi dito eh.

Wow. Thanks sa friendship.


12 thoughts on “Punjdates: Volume 1

    1. Tagal pa ng Narcos :( isang buwan pa tayo maghihintay. Lagi nalang ako naghihintay, chos. Haven’t tried House of Cards but my sister watches it hehe. Download Stranger Things now!!! It’s a must!


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