Last Weekend of August 2016

It was a long ass but fun weekend. More of, likewise for you.


I was on leave this day because it was Alessandra’s Report Card Distribution. I kept on asking myself what do these teachers put in a toddler’s report card? A smiley or a sad face? A painting of their favorite artwork? Manners and right conduct? And I was surprised aside that me and my mom were the first ‘parents’ to get the card, as Teacher Sab handed me a checklist with a check, hyphen and a written ‘N.O.” *insert Meghan Trainor’s No*

There were even check marks and N.Os in her card. As Teacher Sab described her, “Ms. Llanera, I’m really confident that she can do anything but she’s just very shy.” I agree. It’s her first quarter and her first time being exposed to such environment but I swear when she’s at home, she’s like a star of an Eastwood film. Then, she gave us her artworks I also surveyed the room to check her wall artworks.


During the afternoon, I met up with Migz and Aaron (Tere was supposed to join us but she was caught up by the traffic, she was still in Coastal by 8:30 PM but she left her office at 5:30PM. Kaloka!!!)

So I was waiting for Aaron in Starbucks. While waiting, I was also waiting for Migz. He left his house in Makati at 3PM then took the Ayala shuttle to BF – arrived at 8PM! What a motherfucking traffic!! Anyway, it was so funny because since Aaron and I got stuck dealing with each other’s shit, we talked about anything we could especially the lights and the posts HAHAHA

We ate at Charbcharb so just please visit their Instagram [CLICK HERE] Gourmet/Charbroiled has been in BF for years and it’s the go-to place of every BF person who had their childhood and adult years – I would really recommend this to you. You will never regret any food you order (even dessert!) because every friggin oil, juice, cheese and beef is scrumptious!!! :)

So we ended up ordering coffee again in Starbucks and then we hung out at my place. We had no lights in our living and dining area (I’m really not good in being hospitable – I didn’t even offer them water – which my mom kept on laughing. They just bonded with Sandra – lights off).


I was at work. There were only 2 applicants that’s why I left the office early. Upon arriving at home, I just bonded with Sandra. I spent the rest of my night watching Friends because I really missed watching it. Of course, I started from Season 1 this is what you get when you have to wait for Narcos and HTGAWM. My favorite line (and of course funny line) from Ross:

Image result for friends season 1 ross get you into bed meme

Evening came and we (with my mom, sister and Sandra) went to our extended family, just a few minutes away from our house. I ate a lot of oily palabok it was my first time eating a very very oily palabok but it’s okay, whatever I eat as long as I’m with my extended family.


Typical day. Did the laundry first thing in the morning and told my mom oh my god finally that I have suitor huhuhu. She took it calmly but… This is how the conversation went and I WAS EXPECTING THIS (bwahaha):

“Saan mo nakilala?”

“Alam ba niyang may anak ka?”

“Saan nag-aaral at ano natapos?”

“Boyfriend boyfriend lang ha. Wag mo susuko agad.”

“Kain kain lang sa labas, wag muna kayo manuod ng sine.”

As she said on the last few seconds of our conversation:

“Huwag ka kaya muna mag-entertain? After 4 years na para 30 ka na.”

Isa lang sinagot ko sa lahat:


“Ma, kaya nga po nanliligaw eh. Tska sabi niya po, pagpunta niya dito sa bahay sasabihin niya lahat.”

It took me, I guess… Thirty minutes? Before I had the courage to tell her I have a suitor. It was so hard. It’s like telling her I failed my thesis defense or I have to take another semester or I’m pregnant (again) or I was terminated in my job.

Basically, I feel like I’m a teenager again *insert a lot of straight faces*

And I guess she was okay with it because it’s the first time in 3 years that I have a LEGIT suitor. Someone who has balls, finally.

Image result for suitor meme

And let’s end this topic.


A Monday Holiday even during holidays we really have work but I took a leave to celebrate my brother’s birthday, well it was also my boss’ birthday and National Heroes Day and to celebrate Aaron’s surprise birthday! (not italicized because it was the only celebration I have photos) It was all Inna’s idea (his girlfriend) and she planned this for a month. It was really successful.

I left the house very early because who wouldn’t anticipate the traffic we’re having here in the Metro and I had to dress Sandra up – get her things ready the party starts at 6:30 PM but I arrived around 5PM. Good thing, Inna and Tere was there already. They were fixing the “loot cookie bags – thanks for coming” kinda thing. Then the rest of the TAMS (Aaron’s high school barkada) arrived. There was an ongoing party so we just waited for them to get the hell out we were really pressuring them because they had their last call and we still have to set the venue up.

Here’s a video of Aaron’s surprise: (IT WAS VERY FUNNY! He really had no idea! Good job Inna! Also thank you to Tita and Tito for hosting!! :D)


Let’s start with the birthday boy… He wasn’t really crying here. He is really always sweaty. Hahaha!


The message corner created and designed by Inna:


The gift corner:


The cookie corner:



Here is his biggie family (hehehe):


With TAMS (high school friends)



With other high school friends which I don’t know the name of their group is


And of course, his lovely college friends:


And the time we just took photos over and over and over again:


David’s so big already!!! :(
14192792_10154290989735708_6048542544575185459_n (1)
With the South Titas
With Tita Maes Runner




Hindi ko alam kung ano nangyayari dito basta alam ko si Aaron ay nasa likod ng birdie niya, este ni birdie


Dedication keme for the Message Board (ANYARE sa fez ko mga bes)

That’s it! Hope you had an amusing weekend! :)


10 thoughts on “Last Weekend of August 2016

  1. Cool! Nasurprise talaga siya? Ako lagi fail ang attempt to surprise someone. Haha :p Apir on not being good on hospitality. Lagi kapag may bisita ako sa bahay, natataon na walang pagkain. Hahaha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oo! Panuorin mo yung video! Hahahaha! Well, there’s always a next time! Malay mo next time, jowa mo na susurprise mo diba? :) Hahaha diba minsan sa sobrang chika natin, nakakalimutan na silang i-offer ang tubig hahaha ayun din, walang foodums

      Liked by 1 person

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