Punjdates: Volume II


Train to Busan

“Putang ina!” as everyone shouted in the cinema. Everyone was in unison. Ang lutong ng mga mura namin, seryoso.

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I stopped watching Walking Dead during Season 3 because I felt it was getting too warmed-over for me. Vampire and zombie movies are too dull for me lately because I think it has become a habit just because everything started with Walking Dead and Twilight and then suddenly movies and series like that came to suck our television in that’s why I didn’t really care but reading the reviews and reading people’s statuses and tweets, it made me watch it.

It’s been a long time that I have watched a movie this satisfying. I paid P250 for it didn’t watch it in Director’s Club though tipid mode but it was really worth it. I was really astonished with every human and zombie character’s acting. I was very amazed with the scenes since it really slayed my mindfucked-twisted-I want a fucking thrill type of movie which is what I really look for in movies. The cinematography, drama and story – everything! I didn’t even buy popcorn because I really wanted to concentrate.

It will scare you. It will make you cry. It will make you laugh.

I give this movie 9 out of 10 zombie attacks.

TV Series

Aside from getting all excited for September 22 for the premiere of the third season of HTGAWM, I filled my appetite with Season 2 of Narcos last Friday. Again, Tito Pablo never fails. Funny also during the weekend, the Netflix PH page in Facebook really got me laughing. Visit it and read the comments! People are so funny! Click here

I also tried watching The Night Of but I just finished half of S1E01. This is an HBO series so expect it to be goooooood.

Here’s the trailer:

I’ll try to finish it during the weekend.


I’m LSS with this song:

I’m only human can’t you see
I made, I made a mistake
Please just look me in my face
Tell me everything’s okay
Cause I got it (ooh)
He’ll never be like you

Hearing it at first, I thought it was FKA Twigs (you also gotta check out her songs, they’re amazing!) but it’s Kai. Haha! This is the first song I’ve heard of Kai. I hope you get LSS too especially with the ‘I made, I made a mistake’ part :) hahaha!

Bad Piggy Turned Baboy Weekend

I don’t know what I did but I think my mom rewarded me for being too honest with her for the past few days. Yes, I have really been honest – where I go, who I’m with, who I’m talking to, etc. It’s kinda weird but well, changing for the better isn’t really that bad but why only now Anje. I think I was really stung with what my Ninong lectured months ago about consistency.

“If you want to stop complaining about the difficulties in your life that has been a routine already and you think it’s up to no good, try changing your ways and the result will be different.” – AVV0713

It made me realize, that if I want to stop complaining with my heavy breathing, coughing and sniffing (due to colds), I should stop smoking – that’s when I stopped smoking. It also made me realize, that if I want to stop having fucked up relationships with men who don’t value my worth, I should start guarding my heart and start showing men my worth well not only men, but to whoever in general – which is what I’m currently doing and hmm well, I guess I’m getting an exceptional feedback.

So anyway, as a reward (I think, let’s not assume here we really cannot predict what goes through our moms’ braincells), she cooked kare-kare and shrimp for me! My favorite!!! I was really actually waiting for liempo too but none. Then in the afternoon, she bought me pizza. Like what the fuck? It’s either I did something wrong or I did something good, whatever. I just ate them. But thank you mudra! :)


Her second field trip was last Friday at the Manila Ocean Park (it was both our first time there). Here’s a video:

It can only be viewed via desktop/laptop and not through your phone huhuhu I don’t know why :(

I really don’t have good editing skills. I do videos for her reference so that when she grows up, she’ll enjoy watching her childhood and also for my reference because I really think I will have the illness of amnesia. :(

Nah, I just really like editing videos and putting background music because I love watching and listening to music and it’s also my frustration. Hahaha!

The video has been added to the Video section in my blog (upper right, Alessandra link).

Hope you enjoy! :)

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11 thoughts on “Punjdates: Volume II

  1. Di ko pa napapanood ang Train to Busan. Si Papa Gong Woo my labs pa naman shet <3

    Nakaka-LSS talaga ang "Never Be Like You". Kaya lang tindi magpaalala ng memories besh haha

    Congratulations sa pag-quit! :D Keep up the good work Anje at ang kyot ng bebe mo :)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lupit talaga nu’ng Narcos. I think the two seasons did justice on the premise. Ito ‘yung mga series na hindi na kailangan pang pahabain because it’s already perfect in its pacing. And now that it’s done, I’m resuming to watch the backlog episodes from the three main CSI series. And maybe start to watch Stranger Things.

    How I wish I could also quit a-la cold turkey too. :D

    Liked by 1 person

      1. ¿Plata o plomo? Somos Medellin Cartel, ¡hijo de ****!

        I surely will @ Stranger Things! Heard it’s a feel-good series.

        Dati kasi iba mga pinapanood ko. Palibhasa Lalake, Villa Quintana, Aguila, Baywatch, Twin Peaks, $1000000 Chance of A Lifetime, Rescue 911, Anna Luna, The Sharon Cuneta Show. :D :D

        Liked by 1 person

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