Dates, Waits and Weights


Finally, a date with my favorite person. And finally, sharing it to the public (well just a bit).


Wait, kailangan may mukha din niya. Hahaha!





I really felt bad for him. He left his house at around 3pm and then arrived here around 7:30 PM :( traffic is really fucking up our lives guys.

Had dinner at Bastille Bistro (just right below my office). We ordered lasagna and salad I really wanted a salad because I’ve been eating meat and seafood for the past months. BUT I REALLY WANTED SHRIMP QUESADILLA BUT… BUT… He ordered lasagna (but it was good for two) so… Good for me! :) I also ordered my favorite oreo milkshake. What could be better than a Friday with two of my favorite things? :)



It was lecture day! And grub day! And family day with my extended family. Here are my Instagram stories (I use this but I don’t like to download Snapchat hahaha). I think using Instagram stories has a wide audience. Do you Insta story? Haha! It’s so cute for me :)

The first video is how my every Saturday night looks like, and with my bestfriend Angel, in the last part – we were so hungry :( we let the older people get some food first. Haha!

The second video is me and Ice eating a chocolate ewww cupcake. It was yummy, kinda.



A date with my ultimate love, Alessandra. It was derma day my god finally after how many kazillion years, I finally had my face cleaned! No photos of my face. Just my baby :)


It was Grandparent’s Day last week so they made a card in school.



So I sent the photos to my dad via Viber. And of course, my mom kept the other.

I miss having a lolo and lola. I don’t have anymore, both sides :( Iba talaga pagmamahal ng mga lolo and lola. Reminds me of the Jollibee clip I watched. It really made me cry.

Share ko lang kaligayahan ko, ganern. Hahaha! <3


37 thoughts on “Dates, Waits and Weights

      1. Shet may crispy pata pala sa baba!!! Grr. Bakit ngayon ko lang nalaman? Parang ang dilim dilim sa Behrouz. Take out lang nagawa ko. Try mo sa Bastille. May wine wine din sila. Pwede talaga sa mga lovers ;) <3

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