Last Weekend of September 2016

Wow, it just felt like a few minutes ago I was blogging about the last weekend of August 2016. Next time you’ll know it, it will be the last weekend of December!


I came into work at 3pm because I had mommy duties in the morning. Not only mommy duties but also, teacher duties. I volunteered and I really wanna participate since there are just few opportunities that you get to enjoy your child’s toddler days to read a book for their class. I read Fifty Shades hahaha “Quiet Please!” – the book is really mine. I got this when I was 5 years old. It’s a Baby Mickey Mouse book. The book says, “This book belongs to ______” with Angelica on it – Angelica written like a month old chicken. I was supposed to dress up with a Minnie Mouse headband but I couldn’t find it so I wore a Disneyland shirt with Mickey on it and brought Sandra’s Mickey Mouse stuffed toy.





Thanks to the whole school for giving this opportunity for us parents! Not only you can read a book, you can choose among showing a talent, giving them a tour of your house, and bringing a pet. If I showed a talent, I would be a stand-up comedian giving out green jokes so x on that. If I give them a tour of our house, they will be bored. And, if I bring a pet, I would’ve brought a shark.

Thanks to Teacher Irene for the photos! :)

It was also Crazy Socks Day at work but I was not able to join the photo op since I arrived at 3PM. Just spot the photo ops taken by the South Sites:








So he went to our house, brought donuts (yaaay!) and got interrogated by my mom. But! My mom was so nice. She kept on telling him just to get and get rice hahaha! And she was joking in between. Sandra was really not going out of the room ’cause of course, she’s not familiar with his face… yet.


From Instagram Stories: @unjellanera



It was Marcus Liam’s Christening. Marcus is the son of my high school ka-barkada, Pat. :) the Christening was at St. Jerome in Alabang and reception was in Shakey’s Pilar.

Here’s a photo of her family <3


And then here are the crazy Ninong and Ninangs:





Mini Zobel Reunion! Zobel 08 :)



Then I just spent the rest of the Sunday watching HTGAWM, Narcos and Friends.

It keeps on getting better! Hope you had a fab weekend! <3


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