Love and Other Ladybugs

I think my readers know when I’m in love, I write. It’s either I write a poem or I just basically write. And now I’m here again and I think everyone knows…


Isn’t it too cheesy? Hahaha!

As I plan to write a poem, I guess he is much more than a poem. (But I know in the future, I’ll write a poem about him) hahaha!

  1. Making things right – Making things right is such a difficult task to do especially when both parties have undergone different situations in dealing with relationships. Ever since he started courting me, all he really wanted was to “make things right.” And with that he means: The traditional courtship where he goes to the house, tells his intentions to my family, etc. No other parties, no cheating, none whatsoever. Well, just to tell you, we’ve been in a very similar situation before with our past relationships and I think, that’s why he wanted to make things right is because he’s tired of how the world is fucked up with a generation of not falling in love. Another part of making things right is making God the center of our relationship. He always made me feel how thankful he is everyday to God for me, finally arriving in his life. I mean, may ganito pa palang lalake sa mundong ito? I can really say I am so lucky to have been blessed with this very awesome person.
  2. Action and words, words and actions – I was really sick of this phrase because no one has ever done this, like legit. With my previous relationship, everything was planned and only until planning. Breaking promises and fucking up plans? I was really too tired. With him, he made every plan push through. He didn’t want to disappoint, hurt or fail me with his plans. When he says something, he does it. And he never missed – he is still consistent, ever since June. And I think will still be.
  3. Everything about me – I think another essential factor in a relationship is acceptance. Loving the good and the bad. He accepted the fact that I already have kid. He accepted the fact that I’m so matampuhin – but it’s lessend already haha. He accepted the fact that I live 3 hours away from him (because he lives in Antipolo). He accepted everything about me and still loves me for it. And same for him. I accept everything that he is. One thing that I can say this is true because even if we talk about our past, it doesn’t change our feelings for one another. That’s how transparent we are.
  4. Everyone around me – This is very important. Readers know how much I love my friends and family, especially my extended family. His first priority was meeting my family and my extended family. Though he hasn’t met my extended family, it’s scheduled already :) he’s scheduled to meet my college barkada on the 21st. He has already met my officemates by the way, of course. He drops by the office whenever we have a date that day. :) ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ for the effort of traveling for 3 hours! :D and when I go to Antipolo, he makes me hatid pauwi also!!! Total of 6 hours!
  5. Quality time – He makes sure every minute spent with me is a natural high. We never spend the time fighting and arguing – and I really think this is a good start. Never had a big fight and never wish to have one. We spend all our time talking about anything. He even makes it a point he will call me and whenever I tell him I’ll be the one to call, he doesn’t want to unless necessary. He also wants to hear my voice the time he wakes up. Yeah, basically we can talk for hours about anything and I think that’s the type of person I want to be with for the rest of my life. :)
  6. He never makes an excuse – He never did. He always makes a way. Nuff said. :)
  7. God’s perfect timing – He came at the right time, I can really say. To share you a short story, I had a break up last June with a very toxic and unhealthy relationship. Ejay and I started talking during that time as friends, and that was the same time I told God in exact words: “Lord, pagod na pagod na ako. Ikaw na po bahala.” and then boom, it became Koko Krunch! Hahaha! I wasn’t really expecting things would work out between us, but it did. He was very consisted with the text and call and, not bad I gave it a shot. Never expected that this person I tried opening my ripped heart with is the person I’m going to marry in a few years time. And when he arrived, all of the aspects of my life were very stable. My family, work and friends – everything was working out or should I say, everything felt easy and happy.
  8. I am still myself, I actually became a better version of me – Quite connected in arriving at the right time. It was also the time I stopped my old habits with smoking and having fucked up relationships, and truth be told, I think he was my reward with the changes I wanted for myself. I go home early, I stopped smoking, I stopped dealing with negative people (or letting them in my life), and most importantly – I valued myself. I already realized my worth. And I think it’s true what they say, when you finally learn to love yourself first, the right person will be arriving and loving you more. Never ever forget to value yourself.
  9. An everyday sunshine – He makes me laugh. (I cannot have a relationship with a person who is always quiet and has a lot of baggage within him – I really cannot do this. Puro negativity, araw-araw sobrang struggle to deal with a very quiet personality – oo hugot to, nang mabasa niya. Hahaha!). One thing a guy does that really gets me is his wit. Ejay’s such a funny guy!!! He makes me laugh with everything and I think everything he does is soooo cute!!!! :D
  10. Future plans – Ever since he professed his love for me, he always wanted a future with me. Whenever I tell him to save his money for him and only him, he responds with, “Oo. Para sa akin naman itong ipon na ginagawa ko. Ipon para sa kasal natin and para sa atin nila Sandra. Dahil kayo ang kasiyahan at lakas ko.” He may not be the biological father and I never expect him to be responsible for my child but all he ever wanted is to be Alessandra’s father. He always tells me he may not be the biological father but he loves her like one. He wants to marry me asap because he can’t wait to have a family with me but of course, he wants to save first. How can you not say yes and marry this person?!?!?! Gaaah! <3

Bawing-bawi yung lahat ng sakit na naranasan ko in the past. I swear. Thank you Lord <3

I’m also happy that my exes are happy for me (or ex flings), they liked and put a heart on our status :) :) :) that’s what you call real people! :D

There are more reasons but I think, this sums it up :)

So to those girls who have been waiting for the right one, you just really have to be patient. The journey I went through was not that easy. It took me 11 years (total of 5 relationships – good and bad, healthy and unhealthy). You really have to experience the difficult times for you to learn so that when you meet the right person, you’re all fixed :)

My best advice is to pray for that person :)

Celebrating our first month! Congratulations to us! Nakaabot kami ng 1 month! Hahaha!

It’s true when they say:

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