Punjdates: Volume III

One post for October? Doesn’t seem like me. Hahaha! Baka one post for November din ulit? Which is this? HAHA chos

This is my “pambawi” post for the whole month of October. Yes, I can say I was very busy at work because of our hiring needs even though we all know it’s Q4, and it’s raining (only recruiters can really feel me right now).

Let’s side aside these serious work-related issues but let’s move on to the fun that we do in work. For instance…

Our “Friday Theme Day” that we’re really not consistent

Alma Mater theme


Breast Cancer Awareness Day (I was on EL this day)




We celebrated Halloween with the cancer patients of Kythe Foundation :) (a picture with our big bosses – literally, jk)





We also had our South Teambuilding in Tanauan, Batangas just last November 5-6 :) (siyempre kasama mga plus one hihi)






#LabanLouise hahaha


Bubba my love <3

Btw, before the teambuilding he stayed in the office and just, slept the whole time? Hahahaha! (I won’t post a photo of him sleeping haha)

Ganito po siya kapag bumibisita sa office hihihi
Ang lalandi. Hindi na nahiya. Nasa opisina pa naman hahaha


My bestfriend finally came home after surveying the whole America for pizza, so he also visited Sandra and was in a very inspiring…

Thank you Tito Luig! :D

Sandra did not go to school for a month because of her rough colds and cough. She’s feeling better now. The weird thing is, I think I’m the toddler because whenever she’s sick, I get the virus so easily! :( but what’s important is she’s okay now.

So during Undas, we stayed in the cemetery and I took all the time comparing who’s cuter

Of course, she’s cuter. Hehehe! It’s 1993 vs. 2016

Then we stayed in Tanay…

I missed Fendi! :( I actually have a photo of Shlagger too but was not able to upload it. When we arrived, they were jumping and really excited to see us again huhuhu I love my doggies :(
Trying to pose for her lolo
She’s into wearing shades for the past few days
Of course me and my sister finished the delicious chocolates (I got the ones with cream) because it’s not healthy for her BWAHAHAHA so much evil and bullying

One October Thursday…

Ejay surprised me. Huhuhuhu

This date was so random and we did a lot of random things and how can I ask for a better partner? He is close to perfect!!!! <3

I finally let him taste… one of the best burgers in the South! He finished it in minutes. My god. This person is a burger monster (I’m the fries monster btw, I finished his fries)

I love you bubba!

He took photos of me :| :| :|



So I also took a photo of him hehehe


So we celebrated our second month by just chilling! This is the chillest and most romantic date I had! Hahaha! Even if we do random and chill things, I don’t know why it feels so perfect. I love you bubba :*






The most memorable day in October was the 24th. Ejay met my extended family and everyone knows how I love them. I was really expecting the worse actually. Knowing them, whenever I let them meet boyfriends, they tend to tease a lot and not like the person but with Ejay, everything was at ease and at peace. Everything was so vibrant. He always make things easier – whatever aspect of my life. I can say they really liked him.


I cannot believe I crammed for my daughter’s first recycled project :( I don’t know if it ended up posted on the wall. Hahaha! I’m really not that creative but Ejay helped me on how to be resourceful. I hate art! I won’t post the final output because y’all just gonna laugh hahaha! I just posted this because her smile is so cute!!! This was very candid. I told her to smile and she said, “Smilesss!” hahahaha! I LOVE YOU SANDRA!!


How was your October? :D

Shoutout to: Miera, my princess. Happy happy birthday!!! I miss and I love you! :*

Baler 2015

Uso pa ba mga shoutout sa mga blog post? Hahaha ang tanda ko na.


9 thoughts on “Punjdates: Volume III

  1. I can relate with your little one missing out on school due to colds. My son also missed weeks of classes due to colds and fever. Unfortunately, he is still sick. Crossing my fingers that December will be “healthier” for our little ones.

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