Yep, it happened yesterday. I turned 26 and I remember eyeing this age as the “marrying age” but no. Hahahaha! I think everyone did, agree?


I don’t know why we blow candles during birthdays but one thing’s for sure, I was born on the day when they declared ‘World AIDS day’ and BLOWING was a big deal during my birthday so this is not a green post (talaga lang ha haha). I just really wanted to test people how malicious they are and I wanna thank everyone who greeted me (in whichever medium) yesterday when I turned 16. Thank you to everyone who came and celebrated! May God bless you! And I hope we continue to unite in the fight against HIV, show support for people living with HIV and commemorate people who have died. God gives us a reason to live for another year because He wants us to fulfill our lives not only by sharing, but giving a lot of love to people. Please continue to love each other because that’s the only reason why are we alive. Everyone deserves to be loved.

(Btw, I don’t like chocolates maybe that’s why I just blew candles for this photo hahaha)

Two hours before 12AM of the 1st of December I was crying but I don’t know why. I think we all experience those birthday blues I do every year but I think this time was like postpartum depression but I thank the heavens for still  keeping me sane.

It was a very normal morning for others but for me, it was very special. I was on mommy duties since I was on BL – Birthday Leave/VL – Virthday Leave hahaha. So the moment I woke up, we played a bit and watched Disney Channel. I bathed her then accompanied her to school. Another good news was THERE’S ALREADY A POTATO CORNER NEAR OUR VILLAGE FUCKYEAH because the only Potato Corner BF people usually go to is like 15mins away from my house, including the traffic. My soul is at the happies whenever I drop her to school and fetch her because I don’t know why but the most beautiful sound and word I ever hear from her whenever she sees me in her school is, “Mommy!” with pure excitement. Why? Well, I could only count a few times when I get to be with her in school and I guess she’s always in the state of shock when she sees me. My heart couldn’t be more happy :)

Arriving home, Ejay THANK YOU BUBBA FOR THE DELICIOUS CAKE was already there talking to my two brothers. At around 5PM, we went to the Adoration Chapel near our village only walking distance whew we had jowa duties kasi hindi makapag-lampungan sa sala so naglampungan nalang kami sa street chos. The Adoration Chapel was closed at first but it seems like 5PM was really the schedule because everyone suddenly started arriving as well. Hahahaha!

After, we met up with Aaron in Starbucks then headed home to have dinner. After dinner, finally, MY OWN PLANNED NIGHT FOR MY BIRTHDAY – this is a first, thanks Mama! We headed to 19 East for 3D! Migs, Tere and Miera also followed. :) Miera surprised me! I thought she couldn’t come.

Sorry, was not able to take videos because I was really enjoying watching it live and all that jazz. I’ll make a separate post for 3D :)

Please see photos below <3









Thanks again besh Mike for my Plata Plomo Escobar shirt! :)

Thank you Lord for another year! You are my main man!!! <3


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