Samsong and Debanda: 3D – Danao, Dancel, Dumas

No one wanted to watch with me when 3D had a major concert in the Music Museum months ago. Maybe because it was such a busy weekend and I really didn’t have the chance to watch it because it was my shift. Bleh. Hahaha!

3D is not the household electricfan. It’s also not the three-dimensional film I’m talking about here. 3D is the most oustanding group of artists that people have yet to discover. It is composed of Johnoy Danao, Ebe Dancel and Bullet Dumas.

Everyone knows who Ebe Dancel is.

So let me start introducing you Mr. Johnoy Danao.

Image result for johnoy danao
Linis na nga ng boses, linis pa ng paa diba?

Johnoy Danao has the most stainless voice I have ever heard in the OPM industry. He may a bit “tito vibes” (hahaha) but his voice will surely break or make your heart. I first discovered him because of DJ Mo Twister. Mo guested him in his podcast several times (and also in his morning show when he was still with Grace Lee and Mojo). I also liked him because he does versions of Coldplay songs (I’m really a Coldplay fan, hindi ako nakiki-bandwagon). I started loving him more when I found out he was going to team up with Ebe (didn’t know Bullet Dumas at that time). Then, I started getting excited because they were going to hold a major concert in Music Museum na hindi ako nakapunta. Had to rub it in more para masakit.

When he sings live, it’s like you’re listening to a recorded voice, I swear!!!

So here are my favorite videos/versions of him. I hope you feel it in your muscular-walled tubes forming part of the circulation system. Hahahaha!

This video was the first of his that I watched. He also played this when I watched their Gig at 19 East last Thursday – my birthday :)

This second video is part of his album, Dapithapon.

This last video, is for friendzoned people. Hahaha!

Now let’s move on to Mr. Bullet Dumas.

Image result for bullet dumas
Long hair, don’t care

Bullet to the grave (haha) is an indie musician, composer and singer-songwriter as well like Johnoy. The thing that makes him unique is his approach to contemporary folk music. I’m really not into those kinds of songs but when it’s Bullet, IT IS BULLET. Hahaha!

So as I’ve mentioned earlier, I knew him because of the 3D news with Johnoy and Ebe so when I started browsing his videos on YouTube, tapos na ang usapan. Watching him in the video was like also watching him live. You don’t only get to listen to his voice, you get to understand his lyrics – of how magically it was written. He really gets you not just by his voice but how he plays his guitar na feeling ko kaya may color red sa guitar niya last Thursday is because he does not use a pick. So feeling ko mga dugo na yun. Lupet kasi mag-gitara. Para siyang 3 in 1 na artist and I don’t know why other celebrities have albums and want to be deadly famous but this guy (him and Johnoy actually) doesn’t really want to be in the scene. They just want to just share their music and let people listen. Such humble artists. These people really deserve a bigger recording than those celebrities who don’t even know how to sing and compose – but have an album. Grr.

Bullet is also funny by the way. Not only with his hirits on social media but during live as well :)

Sharing you Bullet’s epic performances below (all of his performances are epic naman talaga eh hahaha)

The next video is really my favorite song of his:

Last video to share:

So who doesn’t even know Ebe Dancel? Hahaha!

Image result for ebe dancel

Aside that Ebe is the ex-boyfriend of my batchmate’s sister (and mostly all of his songs were really composed for her huhuhu) he is also Sugarfree’s lead vocalist (I’m not a fan though). He’s been composing songs from time to time lang naman to such distinguished teleseryes back and forth of the two biggest television networks in the Philippines.

This artist can still sing hight notes properly holding a guitar, sitting down and drinking a bottle of beer.

If you really want to cry after a heartbreak or don’t even want to move on, better listen to his songs below:

The first video I’m going to share (thanks Rappler), this song was for the girl I just mentioned above. Sheket.

Last 2 videos of Ebe to share:

The last video, is of course, 3D itself :)

Photos and Videos credits to the owners :)


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