Put Yo’ Pinky Rings Up To The Moon!

If Justin Bieber stole the whole music scene last 2015, it was Pareng Bruno’s bonggacious year-end album that I’m currently listening to for a week now straight up (haha trying maipasok isa niya paring song sa sentence) that caught our attention.

But I ain’t gonna talk about Peter Gene Hernandez.

Today is the day that I’m not doing anything at work but still getting paid. And today’s the day I will write about random thoughts to share or I can use for future reference if ever I forgot any event that happened or will happen this month. So in short, if my memory fucks up again.

This entry won’t be tapped by a lot of photos, but more of words because that’s what Extreme said. “More than words is all you have to do.” 

I don’t have much photos to spare since some of my friends or family haven’t uploaded yet (but since some bloggers are my Facebook friends, that’s good) but I will tell you about the days that happened after I celebrated my birthday and when the Christmas season really started. So this is going to be all plain, white, gray and anything in between. Like I said, random thoughts na alam kong walang magtiya-tiyagang magbasa.

So after my birthday, I knew I had a lot in line. Not just because it was Christmas, but because I have 2 friends who will tie the knot with their partners in crime plus oh yeah, because it was Christmas season and Christmas parties were waiving at me like…

December 9 – Bubba and I celebrated our 3rd monthsary <3

December 10 – Instead of going to the Year-End Party of the company I’m working for, I chose to celebrate it with my always-BF-Saturday-friends (which are composed of my high school friends and the neighbors of one of my high school friends – same group in this post). It’s not that I don’t want to spend time with my officemates but it was Luig’s birthday celebration last November 5 and I was not able to attend due to our teambuilding. Let’s play fair, right?

It was again, a chance they wouldn’t let me miss. Oh Captain, My Captain. Yep, Captain Morgan’s honey flavored rhum. Why oh why. Everyone knows I’m a beer person but of course, I had to drink that for the days I missed during his birthday. I really missed hanging out with this group!!

December 13 – Celebrated Alessandra’s birthday in her school because December 15 was her last week in school so I was kinda pressured to suck up my salary + 13th month in a span of 2 weeks. I can say the loot bags + food were in a rush but my mom and I actually nailed it! We also did not spend a lot. She only has 9 classmates oh the perks you get when you have a toddler student well wait until she’s in elementary! Hahaha! Uso pa pala yung mga ganyang celebration sa school? Hahaha!

December 14 – Was her Christmas party in school but I was not able to attend because I lack leave credits already :( boo!

December 15 – It was Sofie’s wedding day!

December 16 – Spent the whole day with bubba. It’s his off every Friday and he always visits me during this day. Got to drink with him finally! Only the two of us! It was also a celebration of our love. You don’t need an occasion to celebrate with the one you love right? It’s like, “Everyday should be Christmas.” So every time you spend a day with someone you love, it should always be a celebration :) since we also see each other once a week and he makes sure that we do see each other once a week, whatever happens. No excuses :) Simbang gabi also started!

After, my officemates and I headed to MOA Dampa. Sorry, pero hindi ako natuwa sa hipon na kinain ko. Super tamis na buttered na caramelized na ewan. Hard to describe! Haha. I just enjoyed the night with my South officemates. Thanks Sir Randy for the pa-coffee!

December 17 and 18 – It was Ninang’s birthday, RIP Ninang :( spent two days with my extended family. Good thing Sandra didn’t get bored! Hahaha! We also celebrated Christmas and had our annual activity :) It was also kuya Antonn’s birthday pala so lasheng nanaman mga taoooooo.

December 27 – Pat will tie the knot with Joseph. Pat is one of my closest friends in high school and I’m the goddaughter of their chubby baby boy, Liam :) I’m going to wait for Joseph’s crying scene. Hahaha!

‘Nuff said for this post. I will post more for the upcoming days because I’m sure I’m not going to do anything for work tomorrow and the whole week. :)

Hope you can share to me your crazy Christmas parties! Alak pa!!!

Puta, ang high school ng post na ito.


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