XVI Things That MMXVI Taught Me

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1. Always know that God owns everything but your free will. Everything here on Earth is owned by Him. You do not have control until how long will you breathe nor decide when your last breath will be. You only have one thing you can control: Making a choice. We are all given freedom and it’s the only thing we have to exercise as our right in our lives. Remember that every action has a consequence. God does not give you the consequence nor He will never make you suffer. You make your own consequences. You make your own decisions. You should pay the price of your decision making. So it’s a question of will you make yourself suffer with your decision or make yourself happy? Everything is a choice. Everything is your choice.Image result for free willy

2. Life is very simple and beautiful. We humans make it hard for ourselves. We always stress ourselves with things which are not happening yet. We always let ourselves be pressured by the people and media surrounding us. We complicate things because we want to be socially acceptable. We always OVERTHINK. (Hindi ikaw besh pinapatamaan ko dito ha haha welcome back and see you!) We lie to ourselves. We pretend to be someone we don’t. We basically do not love ourselves.

Image result for you're beautiful james blunt meme3. The more you are greedy with your journey to success, the more you will not get it. Everyone is hungry for fame, fortune and power. If your intention is to be famous because of only yourself, you will not be famous. For what use is your fame? People should dream of being famous because they want to inspire others not just because they want to inspire themselves for greed. If your intention is to be richer because of only yourself, you will not become rich. For what use is your fortune? People should dream of becoming rich because they want to share their blessings – I’d rather use the word GIVE than share. But mind you, I admire people who are poor but still spend their money for those who are in need as well. That’s the most generous action beyond norms.

Image result for great success meme4. Everyone can be successful but not happy. I know a lot of people who are successful but not happy. They chose success because they know the price that comes with it – it will satisfy his or her daily needs but at the end of the day, he/she is still not happy. I know few people who are happy but not successful. They chose happiness because they know the price that comes with it – it may not satisfy his/her daily needs but he/she can survive the day-to-day crisis because of positive outlook. Some people are successful because they step on others – does this make a person happy? Some people are happy but not successful but they care about others – does this fulfill one’s happiness? Be happy rather than successful because your position in a company or your achievements can all be written on paper while your happiness stays in the heart of you and others.

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5. All the love you have given away will find its way back to you and it will finally stay. Never be afraid of falling in love over and over again because it will lead you to the person who will fall in love with you over and over again. Never be afraid of moving on and never meeting someone who will love you the way you want to. Everything happens in God’s time. Remember, he owns everything? But it’s still your decision. It’s still your choice if you want to fall in love. But how can you find the right person if you keep on shutting your heart out to everyone who wants to be a part of you life? What if the person you shut out was already the person assigned to fix you? Ang mahal parin ng Coldplay tickets fuckers. Love is a risk that people should not be afraid to take. It’s okay to take a risk but do not rush into things. Love comes with commitment and responsibility. Love is a choice. Everything still goes back to making a choice. Sorry magiging selfish ako but let’s say for example, me. I’ve been through a total of 4 past serious relationships, 3 not-so serious. Imagine my hunger for affection? Imagine in that 4 past relastionships, I was left thrice. In that 3 not-so serious relationships, I fell in love thrice. Imagine all the pain and all the whole of me that I gave without asking anything in return? I already had the right to stop opening my heart again, but no. I’ve come to realize that you can close your mind but not your heart. Never be afraid of the pain because if there’s no pain, there is no love. You can never feel cold again if you haven’t felt the heat. You can never see the moon again if there is no sunshine. So please move on, take a risk, close your mind and open your heart. All of the pain will be worth it. Your waiting for the right one will be worth it. And after all those 7 painful relationships I had, my 8th (I’m also his 8th) – finally, he stayed. :)

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6. Grab every opportunity. GrabCar, GrabHeli, GrabHands and GrabAss man yan, you have to fucking grab every opportunity. Stop being scared! What are you fearing? The consequences of your decision grabbing every opportunity? Nope, nope, nope. Never think of the downfall. Never think of the aftermath. Remember when they said, “You’ll never know unless you try?” Why grab every opportunity? Wait, why ask? Bethink that you only have one lifetime and go back to number 1 that you do not have control when your last breath will be so stop fucking around and do yourselves a favor. Missing an opportunity is missing a chance of learning and redefining. Missing an opportunity is missing a chance to grow and act. Missing an opportunity is missing out on yourself’s possible mistakes that will lead to achievements.

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7. One week is different from 7 days. Yeah, basically same computation but it’s still different. Why? Saying that you only have one week puts one hell of a pressure, isang bagsakan kumbaga. If you say you still have 7 days, there are still 6 days, then 5, then 4 then so on… You have a lot more time to take things slow and have less pressure.

8. People do bad things because of pride and power. They do bad things because they know that when they do it, they’re the only ones capable and they know they’re the only ones who have control over you. The feeling of doing such makes them on top of the game – more like a champion and because other people are not doing it. Use your free will in saying no to bad things. How will you know if such things are bad? If these things do not benefit others. As simple as that.

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9. Always save something for yourself. Yes, I mentioned that always give love to others or help others but you also have to build yourself in ways for you to be able to help others. Leaving 2% for yourself won’t kill. That 2% can still make a contribution. That 2% can be either faith, courage or even being fearless. So always have at least 2% or more (as long as how much you can) but always remember to love yourself, tama ba mga JB fans? If you do not love yourself, how can you give love to others? An instructor would not be able to share his knowledge to his students if he doesn’t even know the lesson plan. To be able to provide such to others, you have to know how to run it first.

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10. You will know if a person really loves you when he/she has plans for your future and is not only after lust. When he talks about your future and executes his plans for your future. Any person can promise to be with you for his/her whole life but words are poisonous. They leave you dreaded and fearful. Actions really do speak louder than poisonous words so be with someone who works for it and not words for it.

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11. If a person can do it to others, that person can also do such things to you. Have you experienced talking to a two-faced-so-called friend? Hahaha. I think everyone has. Just be careful of the people you trust. Trust is really hard to gain but easily lost – which is hard to earn again. If you want to trust that person again, my best suggestion is DO NOT. Hahahaha bili ka nalang ng choco butternut sa Dunkin DO NOT.

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12. People always tend to think about others’ problems. Like I said, we humans make our lives complicated. We always want to suck up each others’ asses and this is the question I always ask myself that others could not answer. Why do people do it anyway? It’s actually really funny. Why not just focus on your problems and solve them rather than thinking about others’ and not even solving theirs? What’s the point? Are you bored with your lame lives that you’re a sucker of others’ tribulations and dark moments that you want to add more? I think you have more than enough problems of yourself so stop trying to be Papa Jack and be more of Papa Roach who sings loud and rock themselves out.

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13. You just have to enjoy every moment. This is one of the best I’ve heard this year. If I did not follow this advice from one of my good old friends, I will never learn. I will always be negative everyday yes I am such a sunshine but there was a time I was too attached with a negative person that it also drawn out my bleak wounds enough of that – it’s true when they say, think positive to invite positive! Wag lang sa PT. Please. Well, if you take every moment negative, nothing’s really going to happen with your life. You will be eaten by stress and horseshits of people and you will take every moment as a waste of time.

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14. You can kill things that make you unhealthy. Stop abusing yourself. May it be smoking, giving yourself to boys, etc. Stop, stop, stop. Yo dowin it wrong! (said Hermione) I was actually talking to myself right here – I mean, almost all of the things listed here hahaha so there. I think you can see the changes that happened to me within a year and oh boy was it not just a rollercoaster. It was like more of GrabHeli then it crashed… but! I was saved by a hero. :) there’s always a rainbow always after the rain, you Go Southborder! You go, Glen Coco!

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15. Not all sci-fi stories are boring and learn to appreciate Bruno Mars and his afro disco everything. Well, thanks to Stranger Things and Westworld, I’ve come to the conclusion that I really do not hate “All Things Sci-Fi.” Hahaha! I’m sorry, but I’m still not liking Star Wars. Someone really has to convince me! Good thing my partner is not a fan!! Whew. I do like Bruno Mars but I’m really not a fan but when I listened to his album ohmyfuckingdick!! I suddenly had a dick!

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16. Disney movies can always have a good remake, but not all. I’m just not sure about The Little Mermaid if ever it’s true that Chloe Grace Moretz will be Ariel but I’m all for Emma Watson for Belle!!

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