Samsong and Debanda: McGrande + TZayn


What I like about this song aside from the mushiness of these true to life lovebirds, is the voice of Mac Miller. This is the first ever song of his that I listened to too bad it was a collaboration boo. I’ve been in love with RnB and I missed this kind of sound to my ears especially that the music industry has been bombarded by clubbing music which I’m really not that into, I just like a few.

I was totally in shock when I listened to this. Taytay and Zayn?! Really? I’m posting this song of theirs because in the first place I really don’t like them both. I’d choose Cyrus over Taytay and Liam of 1D over Zayn but, it’s not everytime that you get to hate the people you previously did right? Hahaha! Are you eggzoyted for the second sequel? Hahaha!



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