Family Fun (Not That Fun Because So Init) Day

It was the first time driving Sandra to school and good thing it wasn’t a school day but the downside is, it was too difficult looking for a parking. As I dropped her and Yaya who was also my Yaya when I was 3 years old, so cool right? by the main entrance of the school, I spotted a side lot 2 steps ahead of this Italian restaurant I really wanted to try for Valentine’s but oh well.

I missed attending these events. I miss being a student.

I did not register for any games because I know how apprehensive my daughter is unless she’s with her bestfriend, Airi.

They started off with a parade of all levels. Badgers came in first then next were the Beavers, Bears and lastly Sandra’s batch… The Bunnies.


After were the typical starting programs like prayer, national anthem and opening remarks let’s skip those parts. This is my blog so let’s post a photo of my daughter marching. Hahahaha!

That’s not Airi though

Let’s head onto the first performance from all levels only chosen ones, of course Sandra the Shy Type is not here.


And then the Badgers’ performance:


Time for games! Showing their cute adrenaline rush.




The rest, we just played and ate around. Of course, I won’t let eating pass by! I had to finish the stubs worth P500! Hahaha!










This, is Airi hehehe!

There was also a guest! Mr. Cherifer!


She enjoyed the mascot but not her height hehe (mommy’s height also) so kailangan ba kami mag-Cherifer din??! Hahaha!

I would just like to share a story about Alessandra of how lucky she is when it comes to raffles or winning any prizes.

In our foundation, she kept on winning major prizes.

During Family Fun Day, this happened twice.

There was a family called but unfortunately they already left the venue, Alessandra’s name was picked. This is her first prize:

A Jamba Juice giftcard!

One of the major prizes were displayed days before this event. She kept on telling her aunt and my mom that she wanted that bike.

During the time that they were raffling for the major prize which is the bike, unfortunately the family drawn also left the venue.

And guess what…

Her name again was drawn.

Yung slide sa background, slide ko pa yan. Halata naman sa tape diba? Hahaha

I called my mom immediately when I was waiting for Sandra and Yaya at the parking. She cried. I also cried. When I sent an SMS to my eldest brother, whom actually planned to buy Sandra a bike and he also cried.

It’s true when they told me before, “Si Alessandra ang swerte mo.”

And they also told me, “Ang mga batang iniiwan at di inaacknolwedge ng magulang ang masweswerte at magbibigay ng swerte sa’yo.”

She’s really my lucky charm and more than that, she’s very very fortituous.

Thank you Papa God <3

This blog post is brought to you by #AngDakilangDriverNaSingleParent

Daming duties noh? Hahaha siyempre wala pala akong picture, so nag-solo nalang ako sa kotse (I look like my bubba here! Hihihi magkamukha na kami lol)

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