My First Legit Valentine’s ❤

When I had a boyfriend back in 2005, the only sign I ever asked was, “If a guy gives me a bouquet of flowers whicever occassion, he’s going to be the guy I’m going to marry and he is the one.”

Because no one ever did. Even during Valentine’s. Even during birthdays, holidays, etc. Nganga.

I had a total of 5 serious relationships not counting the present and no one among them ever had the initiative or had their own will bukal sa loob ba to give me a set of flowers. They just wanted my flower. Pffftzzz.

For having back-to-back relationships ever since 2005, yes, I do had Valentine celebrations but it wasn’t that legit. With my first boyfriend, we had a fight during that time so we did not celebrate. As for the 2nd and 3rd, it was kinda gray. The fourth (biological father of Alessandra), we did have dinner and he gave me a rose but it was quite forceful. I had to tell him, “Hindi mo man lang ba ako bibigyan ng kahit isang stem ng rose?” Oo pinakain niya ako sa Tong Yang pero iba parin feeling na bigyan ka bukal sa loob. Binigyan niya ako ng bukol sa tiyan, voila Alessandra!

The giving of the rose wasn’t really initiated.

The 10th of February was a supposed monthsary + Valentine’s celebration with Ejay but as I mentioned in my previous post, his dad was rushed to the hospital.

Until I lost hope. Tang ina, wala na talaga. Wala na talagang lalakeng magbibigay sakin ng bulaklak.

From Friday to whatever day possible, I knew I wouldn’t really receive any.

“Hoy! Mga konchaba kayo noh?!” As I raised my voice to my officemates. All of them really had no idea. Ms. Inna took the video. She also wasn’t aware. She was about to go to the bank downstairs then on her way down, Ejay was walking with flowers.

I was even shouting to him, “Akala ko hanggang 12 ka? Hindi ka nga nagrereply sa mga text ko eh! Hahaha kaya pala!”


Yung likes na yan, it just symbolizes how much everyone knew my struggle when it comes to relationships.


And I will ever be so proud of what I’ve become but I’m more proud to meet Ejay. And of how much we love each other too hot that you can’t handle. Hahahaha!

Oo na, oo. Umiyak ako. Aba first time ka ba naman makatanggap ng bulaklak eh?

It was kinda sad ’cause I only ate salad, he ate pasta. Grr! I need to control my eating habits now.


Thank you Lord for giving him to me! <3

Of course I did not let Sandra lose a moment for Valentine’s. She’s the love of my life and my bestest friend. She first gave me her gift.


And I gave this to her:



I printed out black and white of her favorite cartoon characters so she would color and enjoy it! :)

To be honest, I really didn’t have any budget anymore so I made an impromptu big card! Thanks for office supplies! Hahaha!

I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine’s as I did. Let’s continue spreading love and not HIV!


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