Pampasinan: A Wake Up Call

Sunday night, my Ninong abruptly asked us if we’re all G to go to Manaoag. Not really because he just wanted to but he also needed to since he was seeking for guidance for his future political missions.


I took the opportunity to go with them and I don’t believe it was a coincidence. With Ninong’s question, I though of Ejay’s father. He was rushed to the hospital last Friday morning. It really was an opportunity to ask for a miracle asap how can a miracle be asap? I’m asking for too much.


When we arrived in Pangasinan, it was 5AM and it was my first time arriving in Manaoag that early. Usually, when we go there, we arrive around lunch time. It was a good time actually. The first thing I thought of was the parking. All of the things, yes. Maybe because my previous Manaoag experiences always had no parking we had to keep on moving around for more than 5 times to look for one. The other thing I have noticed, it was so friggin cold! I mean, in the Metro it’s already called, what more way up North?! And then the last thing was the moon. It was the last thing I noticed but to all God’s grace, it was so romantic and euphoric.


I really like the priest’s approach:

Puro palabas lang lahat yan. Ano ngayon kung nagsimba kayo sa Manaoag? Masabi lang na nagsimba kayo? Ang importante parin at ang titignan parin ng Diyos ay kung ano ang nasa puso ninyo.

Then he also stated that those who wanted their rosaries, pamphlets, etc. blessed, they don’t need to rush up front. They can just stay where they are because even if they really did not feel the holy water, their paraphernalia will still be blessed. Aba, they still didn’t listen. They rushed in front of the altar. Hayyyyyy!

But that wasn’t the wake up call.

We ate breakfast at Mang Inasal and good thing ate Linda did not order unlimited rice for the ladies. I wasn’t ready since I was sick of Mang Inasal we have caravans at work who gives free meals c/o Mang Inasal. During a stopover before we headed to Pampanga, we bought potato corner the love of my life.


While waiting for a friend in Pampanga, I was in awe. I didn’t know there were still kalesas used as transit!


And then we dove into pizza

Manman’s Pizza (famous in Pampanga)

When we arrived in BF, we ate lechong manok.

Then I started feeling nauseous. My head was aching and my nails were going dark.

They were all telling me that it was so obvious I was having a hard time breathing.

If I’d die anytime soon, the only cause would be: aneurysm


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